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Cover and Table of Contents for a new anthology coming soon! Zombidays

Another anthology one of my short stories will be in has  a cover and the Table of Contents to show off, so I wanted to share them here with you.

The Anthology is entitled: Zombidays, Festivities of The Flesheaters.  Each story is shaped around a different holiday, done up Zombie style.  My story is entitled “What a Fool Believes” and is about, you guessed it, April Fool’s Day.

More details to come when this bad boy is ready for release.  For now, check out the cover and the TOC, which includes holidays celebrated around the world!

Table of Contents

Richard Marsden  –  “Revolucion de los Muertos”  –  Day of the Dead
Stephanie Kincaid  –  “Zombie’s First Christmas”  –  Christmas
B. M. Kezar  –  “Inhuman Resources”  –  Thanksgiving & Black Friday
Tonia Brown  –  “Caveat Emptor”  –  Father’s Day
Nic Brown  –  “A Grave St. Patrick’s Day”  –  St Patrick’s Day
Deborah Walker  –  “Burn Bright and Bide”  –  Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night
Bryan Hall  –  “Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate” –  Earth Day
Patrick D ‘ Orazio  –  “What a Fool Believes”  –  April Fools’ Day
Lee Pletzers  –  “He iwi tahi tatso”  –  Waitangi Day
Carey Burns  –  “Time To Eat”  –  4th of July/Independence Day
Derek J. Goodman  –  “If a Tree Falls in a Forest”  –  Arbor Day
Stacey Longo  –  “Zombie Mama”  –  Mother’s Day
Keith Gouveia  –  “Dead Souls”  –  Valentine’s Day
Rob Rosen  –  “Kill Phil”  –  Groundhog Day
Christin Haws  –  “Land of the Voting Dead”  –  Election Day
Morris L. Crisp  –  “Bush Country”  –  Inauguratiion Day
Michael C. Lea  –  “Best Day Ever”  –  New Year’s Day
William Wood  –  “Lest We Forget”  –  Veterans Day

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