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Permuted released “Into The Dark” in ebook format!

Things move quickly around here.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was touting the re-release of Comes The Dark from Permuted Press.  Suddenly, it’s time for the release of the second book, Into The Dark, in ebook format!  As with the first book, the Dark Stories I originally created to be a part of the books are back in each individual release, added to the end of the main story.  So the reader has the opportunity to delve deeper into the lives of the secondary characters introduced in each book in a short story format.  Check it out…and if you don’t mind, leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or at Barnes and Noble if you have the time.  Thanks!

Six weeks ago, the mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world.

Jeff Blaine did his best to hold his family together and to protect them from the horrors scratching at their door, but in the end, they were ripped away from him like everything else that ever mattered. 

Lost and alone, Jeff’s only option is to destroy as many of the monsters as he can. But when he discovers Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors not interested in giving up just yet, he reluctantly accepts that there might still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

Traveling through the blasted landscape of their new fallen world, the quartet discovers that the living dead aren’t the only danger with which they must cope. Even other survivors who promise safety and security from the hordes of ghouls roaming the wastelands will test loyalties and their faith in humankind. 

Jeff and his small band of newfound friends must forge a semblance of life in the newly blighted world. And they will have only the light of their own humanity by which to navigate as everything around them descends into the dark.

Stay tuned for a full selection of links to all versions of the book, but for now here are the links for both the Kindle and Nook:




My editor interviews me for her Facebook page

When I moved my trilogy over to Permuted Press, I had the privilege of getting to work with Felicia Sullivan, editor extraordinaire.  She had actually taken a look at the original version of Into the Dark before it went to print and helped me out with some advice about it, which I appreciated a great deal.  This was after we met at Horror Realm in September of 2010-shortly after the original release of Comes the Dark.  But when she was assigned to edit my trilogy by Permuted, she dove into the novels and helped to polish them up to a greater extent than ever before.  And she knows my secret-my kryptonite as it were-when it comes to my writing.  No, I’m not going to tell you what that is!  But it is something I have worked hard at correcting ever since she lent me this insight and I am far better for having realized this particular failing of mine.

Felicia has her own Facebook page and not too long ago she asked me if I would like to be interviewed by her.  So we discussed my work, my perspective on writing, and what my plan is for the zombie apocalypse.  (To bug out, or not to bug out…).  It was a fun little interview, and I appreciated the chance to once again plug my work.  That interview was posted on her page today.

So if you would be so kind, take a few minutes and head on over to her page, “like” it, and check out my interview with the lovely Felicia Sullivan.


Review of C. Dulaney’s “Murphy’s Law (Roads Less Traveled Book 2)

Murphy’s Law, the sequel to Dulaney’s first book in the Roads Less Traveled trilogy, “The Plan” takes place after the winter at the end of the first year the world had to come to grips with Z-Day.  The survivors of the first book are prepared to set out on their quest to find the prisoners who caused them so much grief and destroyed their home a few months back.  Kasey and company are hungry for revenge.

The story shifts directions somewhat when the crew comes across a larger group of survivors who have staked their claim to a prison on the West Virginia-Ohio border.  Things also change when it becomes clear that the zombies are transforming-at least some of them.  Newer undead are moving faster and are more cunning than the slow moving zeds of the first book.  A mutation, Kasey and company suspect, but they have no way of knowing why this challenge to them surviving has occurred.  What they do know is that these fast movers will be creating all sorts of troubles for Kasey, Jake, Mia, Zack, and Nancy, the core group that made it out alive of the first book, along with the survivors at the prison.  The two groups form an allegiance, despite a few troublesome members of the new community that aren’t particular fond of Kasey and her group.

Often, the second book in a trilogy doesn’t really have as much of a chance to stand out as much as the first or third book.  Its job is to transition us to the final act in the saga-often it isn’t as intriguing as its counterparts.  I do have to admit that Murphy’s Law was, for me, was a better book than the first in the trilogy.  While I enjoyed “The Plan”, I think the author has gained a stronger voice here for her characters.  My pet peeve about changing perspectives back and forth from first person to third person remains from the first novel, but it felt much smoother in this book-far less of a distraction.  Perhaps it is because Kasey, as a character, has grown on me.  There is more to her, as well as the friends surrounding her.  Michael, the leader of the community at the prison, is also fairly well fleshed out as a new main character that is likable.  The story also seems to move at a faster clip, or so it felt and the advent of the fast zombies has definitely given the story some new intriguing elements to contend with.

As far as issues I had with this story, they were somewhat limited and going into detail on the main one would perhaps present a spoiler.  I guess the best way to put it without giving anything significant away is that I was somewhat surprised at the level of tolerance the people living in the prison had to a particularly deadly choice Kasey makes in the story.  I doubt that I would have been as understanding as most of them were.  That decision does drive the story forward, so it is necessary, but still left me frustrated with both her actions and their reactions.

The characters are a mixed bag.  I stated that I wasn’t a big fan of Jake in the first book, though he goes through some interesting transitions in this book that make him grow on me a bit more.  He’s still a bit annoying.  Kasey is still a take charge leader who is both likeable and confounding at different times, while Mia seems to be present, but I don’t feel that she necessarily gets fleshed out any further in this book than she already was in the first novel.  Nancy remains a background character who is solid and likable.  In general, the group retains a family-like bond with one another that feels comfortable and natural to the story.

Muprhy’s Law is a solid entry into the zombie genre.  Perhaps not ground-breaking in its delivery-there are now a mix of fast and slow zombies, but they retain most of their Romero-esque qualities, but it is exciting, filled with action and compelling characters.  I look forward to what is in store for Kasey and company and the final act in this saga.

Murphy’s Law can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/161868034X/ref=cm_cr_thx_view