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As more of the books my short stories are in are released, and in addition to that, my own novels get released, I will be updating this page with pictures of the covers as well as links to where to purchase these books, typically via Amazon, although they will be available through other electronic outlets, in ebook form (via http://www.smashwords.com, which supports ebook versions), and through brick and mortar stores (by ordering them through the Ingrams Catalog, which most bookstores use to place orders for books).

Original Release from The Library of the Living Dead.  See below for the cover art for the re-release from Permuted Press in 2013.  

The end came with a whimper, not a bang. The mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world in a matter of days.  Everyone who was infected seemed to die…and then rise again.  Governments collapsed, armies disappeared, and entire civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces.

Jeff Blaine had a good life: a beautiful wife, adorable children, and a nice house in the suburbs.  He liked his job, loved his family, and spent his lazy suburban Sundays out on the deck, barbecuing with the neighbors.  Things were perfect until everything fell apart.  And no matter how hard Jeff tried, he could not spare his family from the horrors scratching at the door.

Now, with his family gone, his life in ruins, the only thing left is raw anger and pain.  As the world continues to sink into darkness, Jeff does as well.  So he ventures out into the desolation with no better plan than to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well.

But soon Jeff will discover other survivors unwilling to give up.  They will force him to decide whether or not to give in to the venom that gnaws at his soul.  Should he continue to fight to survive, or succumb to the things that come with the dark?

Permuted Press re-released Comes The Dark in February of 2013, in paperback, ebook, and audio version as well.  The new version has almost 40,000 words of additional stories added to it, and the sequels, Into The Dark and Beyond The Dark, have significant added volume as well.  

Original Release from The Library of the Living Dead.  It was re-released from Permuted Press in 2013.  

Six weeks ago, the mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world.  Everyone infected seemed to die … then rise again.

Jeff Blaine did his best to hold his family together and to protect them from the horrors scratching at their door, but in the end, they were ripped away from him like everything else that ever mattered.

Lost and alone, Jeff decided his only option was to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well.  But when he discovers Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors not interested in giving up just yet, he reluctantly accepts that there might still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

Traveling through the blasted landscape their world has become, the quartet discovers that the living dead aren’t the only danger with which they must cope.  Even other survivors who promise safety and security from the hordes of ghouls roaming the wastelands will test loyalties and their faith in humankind.

Jeff and his small band of new found friends must forge a semblance of life in the newly blighted world.  And they will have only the light of their own humanity by which to navigate as everything around them descends into the dark.

Permuted Press has re-released Into the Dark.  This is the second book in the three part saga.  It has been re-released with over 24,000 additional words in paperback, e-book, and audio versions.  

Original Release from The Library of the Living Dead.  Permuted Press re-released it in 2013. 

The dead have risen, and their hunger for the flesh of the living is insatiable …

It has been six weeks since the virus engulfed the world.  Everyone who was infected died, and then rose again.  Governments collapsed, armies fell, and civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces.

The living are in danger of becoming extinct …

Jeff Blaine has witnessed the annihilation of his family and everything that mattered to him.  When he steps outside his home for the first time since the world died, he meets Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors who force him to accept that there may still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

It doesn’t take long for the quartet to stumble into a trap set by a group led by the charismatic Michael.  While he promises a safe haven from the undead behind the walls of his makeshift fortress, the loyalty he and his cronies demand may be too high a price for Jeff and the others to pay.

Daylight is fading for humanity …

When a routine supply run to a nearby town turns deadly and the ghouls walking the street track the living back to their hideout, the mettle of the meager band of survivors will be tested as they are forced to face the onslaught of the undead.

Even as they flee, and their world falls deeper into despair, Jeff and the others must find a way to defeat not only the undead, but the hatred that threatens to cripple their souls.  Because the only way anyone will survive is if they can find their way beyond the dark.

Was originally released by Library of the Living Dead Press and was re-released with new content by Permuted Press in April of 2013.  Stay tuned for more details.

Beyond The Dark

Permuted Press re-released Beyond the Dark in April of 2013.  This is the third book in the three part saga.  The re-release has over 33,000 additional words in paperback, e-book, and audio versions.  

Defying all logic and reason, the dead returned from death. All over the world, dead human bodies rose and walked the Earth in search of living human flesh to consume. Despite the valiant efforts of the living’s vast armies and superior weapons, the dead won the Zombie War. Defeated, the surviving governments of the world fled to the safety of their underground bases, leaving the last living survivors to their fate. All alone, trapped, for them there was no last second rescue, no escape. The Dead surrounded them, pounding on their barricaded doors, smashing in their boarded windows. It was their last chance to say goodbye, their last chance to shout out in defiance. It was time to write their final words. For decades, the dead ruled the Earth unchallenged, but their reign was finite. In time, they returned to the dust from which they came. When the living survivors emerged from their underground shelters, they would discover hundreds of thousands of tattered decaying messages, the letters left behind by the last to perish in the Zombie Apocalypse. These are those “Letters From The Dead”.

This huge tome contains 29 stories by 29 authors for a huge anthology about zombies in the Old West. You’ll find cowboys, indians, miners, gunslingers, settlers, sheriffs, marshals and of course zombies. All of them in the Old West. Over 450 pages and over 160,000 words of the weirdest, strangest, most unique and downright cool as hell stories about zombies in the Old West. Yeeee Haaaaw!

This anthology has been released and is my first foray into bizarro, a very unique and alternative form of writing.  My short story, “Consumer’s Paradise” appears in it.

Welcome to where terror has as many faces as a house of mirrors.
From soul swallowing ducks to hot-rodding miscreants, it is weird…
From glowing chunks of meat to cherub-faced earwigs, it is scary…
A multicolored galaxy of uppers, downers, laughers, and screamers awaits!
Smile through clenched teeth, and flex your stomach-

Prepare yourself for …….


Here is a crash course into what bizarro is all about: Bizarro, simply put, is the genre of the weird.  Bizarro is literature’s equivalent to the cult section at the video store.  Like cult movies, Bizarro is sometimes surreal, sometimes goofy, sometimes bloody, and sometimes borderline pornographic.  Bizarro often contains a certain cartoon logic that, when applied to the real world, creates an unstable universe where the bizarre becomes the norm and absurdities are made flesh.  Bizarro strives not only to be strange, but fascinating, thought-provoking, and, above all, fun to read.  Bizarro was created by a group of small press publishers in response to the increasing demand for (good) weird fiction and the increasing number of authors who specialize in it.  Bizarro is Franz Kafka meets Joe Bob Briggs, Dr. Suess of the postapocalypse, Japanese animation directed by David Lynch.

This anthology has been released, creating a new universe of heroes and villains.  My story, Slow Goth and St. North, will be appearing in it.

On November 20th, 2009, a catastrophic event dubbed The Cataclysm wiped the world’s greatest heroes and villains off the face of the planet, and created a death toll stretching into the millions.  Though most of the world survived, it is now in the grip of supervillians who avoided The Cataclysm.  It may have not been quite the victory they expected, but it is the outcome they wanted: all the heroes are dead and the world is theirs.

Or so they believe …

This anthology has been released and my story, “You Only Die Twice” can be found within its pages.

Filled with apocalyptic adventures and dawning disasters, this book is a thrill ride of tales explores cataclysmic events from their chaotic  beginnings to their life altering aftermaths.  It’s the end of the world and Doomology is the word!

Eye Witness: Zombie is out now!  It deals with the Zombie Apocalypse from the first person perspective.  My story, “A Soldier’s Lament”, appears in this anthology and comes from the same world as my novel, Comes The Dark.

The Dead Walk!  Slip into the skin of common men and women and experience the horror through their eyes.  Follow the Zombie Apocalypse from its initial stages to the brink of the abyss, and over…into the pits of an unthinkable Hell on Earth.  Tune into your local stations for the latest updates or stay here and follow the story as it unfolds on…Eye Witness: Zombie

Zombiality: A Queer Bent On The Undead contains 28 stories with a perspective on zombies never quite imagined before.  These stories reflect a variety of queered lives and explore the depths of what a zombie is.  From the traditional to the fantastical these stories are sure to entertain all of humankind.

My short story, “Humans Being Human,” appears in this anthology.

365 Days of Horrifying Flash Fiction.  Flash fiction are stories of 500 words or less, which are perfectly bite sized bits of horror.  My flash, “Compulsion” appears in the month of April in this hefty tone, which is published by Pill Hill Press.

A National Guard troop on a routine search and rescue.  An apartment building filled with with DICs (Diseased, Infected Civilians).  A world coming to the end as the zombie apocalypse takes hold.  What could possibly go wrong?  Patrick D’Orazio takes you on a journey back into the world he created with his Dark Trilogy with this story filled with intense action and zombie mayhem.  This story originally appeared in May December’s Eyewitness: Zombie and is now available for e-books as a standalone story.

Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters has been released and contains stories about the zombies on holidays…stories of the living dead surrounding a wide variety of holidays, including Halloween, Independence Day, Christmas, April Fool’s Day…and many more!  My story, “What A Fool Believes”, is in this one, and you will have to guess which holiday it refers to ;).

Together in one massive tome, Patrick D’Orazio’s Dark Zombie Trilogy: Comes The Dark, Into The Dark, and Beyond The Dark are all contained in this release, along with a fourth book filled with additional short stories about the many secondary characters in the trilogy, such as Megan, George, Jason, Michael, and Ben.

This e-book was released by Library of the Living Dead Press but is no longer available.  Permuted Press will be re-releasing all three of the books in the trilogy as individual e-books and each will have the additional content that came with this omnibus.  They are being released in July of 2013.

Collabthology. Is it a real word? Yes. Will you find it in the dictionary? Probably not, unless you get one that I’ve found a scribbled the word “Collabthology” into.But that’s besides the point. What you hold in your hands is an anthology chock-full of fan-freaking-tastic horror stories (note that while most are zombie stories, not all are) from a ton of names you probably know as well as some new writers you may not know. Either way, you are in for a treat!This anthology is also my attempt to introduce the public to the world of the Collaboration of the Dead. At the end of this anthology are the first 5 chapters from the Collaboration of the Dead, a novel featuring over 20 of the best and brightest writers in the horror/zombie genre. Each writer adds a bit of themselves to the story and makes it their own.Collabthology features stories by Patrick D’Orazio, Gerald Rice, Mike Mitchell, Rebecca Besser, John McCuaig, Brandon Cracraft, Jeremy Bush, Ken Goldman, Lorraine Horrell, Marius Dicomites, Jamal K. Luckett, Douglas Hackle, Cassie Shaver, C.H. Potter, T.W. Brown, Tony Schaab, Suzanne Robb, Mihai Boc, Ben Langhinrichs, Michael S. Gardner and Matt Nord, poetry by Carey Burns, Karime Limon and Matt Nord and sample chapters from Collaboration of the Dead from Matt Nord, T.W.Brown, GNBraun, Zombie Zak and Stephanie Kincaid.So, for those of you who don’t know what Collaboration of the Dead is, this will be your first taste of what we are about! Bon appetit!

Look What I Found!

This anthology has been released, and my short story, “VRZ” appears in it.

We spend our lives going through our paces surrounded by things of magic and mystery, but sometimes choose not to open our eyes to see them. The world around us still has places that are yet to be discovered. There are people that we pass on the street that are not what they seem to be. There are objects with untold powers that are only waiting to be found. We train ourselves to look at the norm.
The stories within this anthology examine those mysteries and the excitement of discovery that awaits those who dare to tread. The members of society that look a little deeper. Those who long to say, “Look What I Found!”

Read The End First

This anthology has been released and my story is entitled “What Rough Beast?” is within its pages. It takes place in Bethlehem and is my take on Armageddon, Book of Revelation style.

Ever wonder how the world would end if you could decide?

This anthology takes the concept of the Apocalypse a step further.

24 authors pick their own time zone to destroy, and leave you wondering if the prophecies they speak of are true.

This book is now released!  It has my short story, “Legacy” in it.

The Zombie-pocalypse is real!  Loved ones are returning from the grave in search of flesh and brains!  Humans are running scared!

Aren’t they?

Here, rather than shooting them in the head, eighteen talented authors have figured out how to put the Undead to work.  Zombies can now be contributing members to society once more.

Looking for some customer service help?  ”Operators” from AM Burns, has just the call center crew for you.  Need road repairs?  Check out the workers in Mike Baretta’s “Memorial Day.”  How about a solution for all those bombs, drugs, and other nasty stuff crossing through our seaports?  Matt Adams’ Sparky can take care of it in “Sparky Save The World.”

These stories, and others, from authors-

Rebecca Snow

Keith Gouveia

Barry Rosenberg

Suzanne Robb

Patrick D’Orazio

Janet Tait

JW Schnarr

Brian Johnson

Steve Ruthenbeck

Daniel Robichaud

Brook Fabian

Jeff Chitty

HE Roulo

Peter Giglio


Eric Juneau

-will have you wishing for a zombie of your own.


Soul Survivors Hometown Tales: Volume 1 is now available!

Everyone you know is dead or dying.  Your world is coming to an end.  Could you do what’s necessary to survive?  Would you even want to survive?  Would you be able to face horrors like the undead relentlessly pounding at your door and murderous extra-terrestrials with the extinction of the human race as their one and only goal?  How about deadly plagues that ravage entire populations or even your own human brethren turning to your flesh as a last ditch  source of food?  These are only a few of the many horrors that await you inside these pages.

Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space has been released.  It contains my contribution:  Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of the Odyssey.  This anthology poses the question: If Ed Wood Jr. created a movie called Plan 9 from Outer Space (noted as one of the worst movies ever made) about aliens who try to control humanity by raising the dead but fail miserably, what were Plans 1-8 all about?  Here is the table of contents of this very fun and exciting new book:

  • Plan Zero from the Mesozoic Era by Tony Schaab
  • Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of The Odyssey by Patrick D’Orazio
  • Plan 2 from Ancient Egypt by D.A. Chaney
  • Plan 3 from the Middle Ages of Hamelin by Greg Carter
  • Plan 4 from the Clockwork Country by Tonia Brown
  • Plan 5 from the Depressing Depression by David Dunwoody
  • Plan 6 from the Nazi Regime by Rob Silvera
  • Plan 7 from Sin City by Jonathan Maberry
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 1 by Craig DiLouie
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 2 by Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty
Dark Dispatches, published by Static Movement and edited by George Wilhite takes the reader on a journey to wars from the past, present, and future.  Wars waged with supernatural beings, aliens, and other human beings.  Wars that we know of and others that we don’t know that are occurring.  How do the bloody battles and strange creatures the characters face affect them-how does it twist their minds as they fear for their lives?  Check out Dark Dispatches and my story, “One Shot, One Kill.”
Zombie: The Other Fright Meat is now available and contains my short story, “Cicada.”  This is one of my favorite short stories I’ve ever created about zombies and the lives they impact.  So please click on the cover art and give it a shot.  Thanks!

You can’t live with ’em…
At least not without getting a chunk bitten out of ya.
But we here at NorGus can’t live without ’em!
And who’d want to?
In a world where vampires sparkle in the sun instead of roasting like pigs at a barbeque
and werewolves run around with capri pants and washboard abs,
It’s nice that we can fall back on zombies to actually be monsters!

Tough As Nails is now available.  My novella, “The Sunken Lands” appears on its pages.  Murder! Madness! Mayhem!  These are just a few of the delicious things you can hope to enjoy in this tome full of savage barbarians, long-forgotten magic, and vicious monsters.  Strap on your battleaxe and broadsword and enjoy!

Death is not the end…

“Zombies Gone Wild!” is a chilling collection of twenty-six stories from established authors as well as up-and-coming writers in the genre, with an opening poem from everyone’s favorite zombie. This anthology includes tales where the undead stand as a symbol of unification for a desperate world, where friends really are what you make them, and where new beginnings aren’t always a good thing.

The end is only the beginning…

Bizarre, humorous, and terrifying, “Zombies Gone Wild!” will satiate your hunger for zombie goodness.

Now available.  Includes my story “What’s Eating You?”

Now released from Bizarro Press, this anthology filled with both the bizarre and bizarro includes my short story of science fiction comedy, “The Interstellar Quest for Snack Cakes.”  So check it out and be amazed by the weird, the strange, and a wide assortment of strange aliens.  Some of which do some really odd things.  Really, really odd.

tall tales with short cocks vol 3

Another compendium of the bizarre and bizarro, which includes my short story “Hell in the Family”, a story about a vampire with some serious mommy issues.  Plenty of other strange tales to check out in this one to go along with my modest little saga.


Dedicated to all those clueless in romance,
dropping bombs without intent,
and for those brave zombies of heartache,
who love and rise again.

When hearts rot, fuses ignite.

Super geek gets the girl, a righteous preacher and his undead wife, fantastical zombies, the tantric art of zubbing, mindless hive workers, and traditional flesh eating walkers, this anthology has a bit of everything. Our twisted tales pull you into the darkest of darks, where hope is lost, and sustaining life is no simple feat.

Twenty-one authors congealed romance, bombs, and zombies into stories that are diverse, witty, and occasionally gut-wrenching. Travel through time to walk in alternate histories, visit magical realms, and face down pestilence that will literally rot your insides. This collection is sure to warm your cold, dead, heart.

Includes my short story “Until The End”

Zombies Galore

Zombies Galore

Zombies – have they had their day? Is it time to put the dead to rest? Hell no. Zombies have been shambling about since H.P. Lovecraft and they’re still eagerly shambling about now. Yes they can be done badly. Even the Godfather of Zombies George A Romero can get it wrong – take Survival of the Dead (2009) – the Oirish-infused Zombiefest that isn’t a good example of the great man’s work. But when it’s done right – the original Dawn of the Dead (1978) the Zack Snyder remake, the comedic Shaun of the Dead with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and the recent mega-budget, mega-hyped World War Z. – it can be damned effective. For whatever reason, your guess is as good as mine, zombies have stayed in the hearts and minds of horror fans the world over.
So, what do we love above zombies? Brains, gore, biting, fighting and more brains! So to tickle your taste buds, editor Tim McLean has compiled sixteen tales of zombie goodness. From the entrée Monday Matinee Madness by H. G. Bleackley to the grand finale Hungry by Nicci Murphy, this collection of zombie stories will leave you slavering – and literally hungry for more.

Includes my self-help guide “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Zombie Slayers”


It may be thicker than water, but AT HELL’S GATES the blood will flow like a river…

In the third volume of the #1 Bestselling AT HELL’S GATES series, some of the finest children of the family of horror authors will show you what it means to be BOUND BY BLOOD. Each unique tale of bloodcurdling darkness shows how kith and kin survive the things that go bump in the night…or become them.

All proceeds from this horror anthology series go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a charity benefiting military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. The authors, editors, and supporters of this series are pleased to donate their time and effort to our nation’s proudest sons and daughters.

Includes my short story “Little Lost Lamb”

The Will to Survive

When normal life collapses, peril waits around every corner, and one small slip could mean certain death. In THE WILL TO SURVIVE, twenty-two unique and brilliant voices bring to life stories of post-apocalyptic danger sure to make the heart race, the flesh creep.

It’s the end of the world. Do you have the will to survive?

NOTE: THE WILL TO SURVIVE is a collective effort by a great group of authors, born from the desire to help their fellow citizens suffering the devastating effects of multiple hurricanes. 100% of proceeds are being donated to two charities, One America Appeal and Global Giving Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Twenty-two stories of tragedy, hope, and survival in one volume.

Complete list of authors: 

Steven Bird
Nick DeWolf
Patrick D’Orazio
D.J. Goodman
Shane Gregory
Joshua Guess
Josh Hilden
Kelly Hudson
Timothy Johnson
M.L. Katz
Jamie Mason
M.P. McDonald
Brad Munson
A.J. Norris
Stephen North
Chris Pike
Clabe Polk
C.A. Rudolph
Sean Schubert
Mike Sheridan
Sean T. Smith
Jonathan Yanez

Includes my short story, “The Collective”

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