Writer of Horror Fiction

Ben Roger’s Book Signing at The Origin’s Game Fair this weekend

My good friend Ben Rogers will be signing copies of his recent release ‘Faith and The Undead’, this weekend at the Origins Game Fair at the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center Friday (10-6), Saturday (10-6), and Sunday (10-4) and I will be in attendance along with Ben’s publicist and another good friend, Beth LaFond.  I can only be there on Saturday, but am really looking forward to the opportunity. I am very excited about helping out a friend while he promotes his book and because it will be a learning experience for all of us.  This is Ben’s first show and mine as well.  Given that my book is not released yet, I will get the chance to ‘pimp’ Ben’s book and learn from the experience.

Having been to trade shows on numerous occasions in the past for various jobs I’ve had, I have a inkling of what something like this will be like, although I am guessing it will be a lot more fun and passionate audience than you typically get at a Security & Alarm or telecom industry trade show.  Getting the chance to meet up with die hard fans of multiple genres like horror, science fiction, and fantasy should be a real blast.  I want to really help Ben and Beth make this show a success for them and learn some tips on how to grab people’s attention at events like this one.

Since my book isn’t out yet, I’ve created a flyer that I can hand out to people who take look at Ben’s book.  I have also created some business cards as well, which will give me the chance to promote Ben and give folks a little reminder of my stuff, since they are already checking out an excellent zombie novel from a fellow author.  This trip will be all about Ben though, and I am there to support him and get his message across.  He is a great guy with a tremendous novel and I’m excited to do my little part to help his book get the attention it so richly deserves.

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