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Zombie Walk October 15th!!!

Last year I participated in a Zombie Walk in Fairborn Ohio, near Dayton, with my good friends, Benjamin Rogers and Beth LaFond, who are both authors in their own right.  We signed books, hung out with all the great folks who run the event, and had a blast.  This year, the event takes place on October 15th, and much like last year, it is being done to support the Fairborn Community Center.  There is a Pre Party where my friends and I will be selling and signing our books, which is located at 1076 Kauffman Avenue, and that starts at 5:30pm.  They will be doing zombie face painting for $3 for the zombie walk.  The walk itself is at 7pm and there will be an Afterlife party at Central Park.  Cost to participate is $5 or $4 and a canned food donation, which is all going to a great cause.

If you are interested in participating and want more details, give them a call at 937-878-6061.

Again, this is for a great cause.  I would love to say hello to anyone who can make it, and shamble along the streets of Fairborn with you!

HorrorHound Indianapolis 2011 review

This past weekend, I took part in HorrorHound Indianapolis.  Like the event in Cincinnati, it is three days of organized chaos, with tons of horror fans running around in costumes and makeup checking out vendor booths and getting autographs from some of the more famous (and infamous) stars of the horror genre.  This was their tenth anniversary show and it was jam packed all weekend long.  I got to sit between Tony Schaab of G.O.R.E. Score fame and Dr. Pus’s (aka The Library of the Living Dead) table, which had Doc, Michelle Linhart, and Rich Dalzotto manning the stations.  Also in attendance from the Library of the Living Dead crew were Rob and Laura Best.  We got to see plenty of folks we know from the facebook and the industry, which was a blast, including the folks from Night of the Living Podcast, who were kind enough to post a review of Into The Dark on one of their recent episodes after reviewing Comes The Dark after HorrorHound Cincinnati back in November.

I sold a few books, got to talk about the third book of my trilogy, Beyond The Dark, hung out with some great folks, and took a few pictures of the event.  This was truly a great con and a lot of fun.  I definitely hope I have the opportunity to attend next year as well!

Here are a few of the pics I took at the show.  Forgive the blur-they were taken with my cellphone camera.

Tony Schaab and his brother-in-law Tom, who is also the graphic designer for the covers of his G.O.R.E. Score books.

Rob and Laura Best

Dr. Pus, my publisher, sitting alongside Michelle Linhart and Rich Dalzotto (sorry you can’t see much of them!)

Just a sample of one of the more wild costumes at HorrorHound this year.

…and another wild costume.

In this picture is the famous “Kitty Zombie”, who has his back to the camera.  He is the one with the goggles, armor, and the bald head.  He is a pretty remarkable character, and funny as hell without saying a single intelligible word.


Well, that’s about it for now.  The rest of the pictures I took were sort of blurry or didn’t show anything specifically of interest.  Again, the convention was a lot of fun, and I only wish I could attend more of them after the fun I’ve had at the one in Indy as well as Cinci.

HorrorHound Weekend and some notes on Beyond The Dark

Just wanted to post a note tonight since I haven’t posted anything for a bit except an update on the the book signing I did at That Book Place last weekend.  It was a great time with Beth LaFond and Benjamin Rogers, two good friends and fellow authors.  I am hoping to post a bit more here in the upcoming weeks, in particular with details on the release of Beyond The Dark, which has been delayed a little bit due to circumstances beyond my control.  It is pretty much ready to go, including the artwork I have already shared with you all previously for the cover.  I should know a bit more about the release this weekend, when I attend HorrorHound Indianapolis with my publisher, Mike West, aka, Dr. Pus.  He has been buried under with a lot of different projects so the release date on the book has been pushed back.  My hope is for an April release, though I have no fix on it.  The editing is complete, and all that really needs to be done is the formatting, so we are right on the edge of it.

Now, for HorrorHound.  This past November, I attended HorrorHound Cincinnati, which was a great event.  The aforementioned Dr. Pus, Benjamin Rogers, and Beth LaFond were all in attendance, as was Rich Dalzotto, who runs Horror Realm, another great convention that happens in Pittsburgh every September.  It was a great time.  Unfortunately, Ben and Beth won’t be coming to Indy, which saddens me greatly, but the good Dr. will be there, along with Rob Best, his lovely wife, Laura, Rich, and Mr. GORE Score himself, Tony Schaab.  Since this is the 10th Anniversary for HorrorHound, and Indy is their home turf, it should have quite a turnout.  They had over 10,000 people show up last year.

There will be plenty of horror notables there, and while I am not big on getting all the autographs and pictures, it is really cool to see folks walking around that you recognize from a movie or two that you think of quite fondly from your past.  And repeat after me: there is nothing wrong with totally geeking out at a convention!  Absolutely nothing!  So the fact that the guys from Boondock Saints being there makes me giddy is no big deal.

Here is a link for any of you curious about checking out the show if you think you can swing by Indianapolis this weekend.  http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com/ It should be well worth the trip.  I will, of course, be selling copies of my books and signing them, and will be chatting up my upcoming release of Beyond The Dark, which will serve as the finale for my trilogy.  Though…don’t be too sure that after that story is done that this will be the last we will see of the world I created with my Dark trilogy.  I have plans for more…

That leads me to a bit more info on what is going on with me these days.  As some of you may have guessed, I don’t really make my living off of writing (shocking, I know…har har) and I will be starting a new job immediately upon my return from HorrorHound.  I am excited about this opportunity, though I won’t bore any of you with the details.  I think one of the things I will be focusing on more of going forward (besides this new job, of course) is writing novels.  I have been dedicating myself to writing short stories during the release of my trilogy, and it has provided me with about twenty different acceptances over the past year plus, which has been great.  But as much as I love writing short stories, my novel writing has suffered a bit because of that.  Not that I can’t multi task, but I think with the trilogy behind me, I think the desire to get something out there that is a bigger chunk of text will be far greater.  That is my artful way of saying that I will be devoting most of my effort to writing novels for the foreseeable future.  There will be short stories, but not as many-only when the spirit moves me, rather than any submission call that challenges me, which is how I have been approaching it over the last year.  The reality is that most of my stories that have been accepted for publication haven’t been released yet anyway, so there will be plenty of them coming out over the next few months for me to promote here.  And I think that is what I will be blogging about mostly going forward.  Posting excerpts from some of my short stories to hopefully entice a few of you to check out the anthologies they are published in.  Anthologies with some really great writers that I am privileged to share the table of contents with.  I have been really proud of not only my work, but of the company I have been able to keep in this anthos.

I will be posting pictures from HorrorHound and doing a follow up on the show sometime next week, and then I will be doing my best to post something at least once a week here from now on…hopefully some new writing for all of you to check out.

Again, check out the HorrorHound page and I hope to see you at the show!

5th Anniversary Author’s Fair at That Book Place this Saturday

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to That Book Place, a new and used book store in Madison, Indiana, with my good friends Ben Rogers and Beth LaFond, where we were able to promote, sell, and sign copies of our books.  It was a blast getting the chance to hang out with the customers and owners of the book store, and I was hoping to have the chance to swing back by down the road.  Well, that time has come, and this Saturday, Ben, Beth, me, and a whole bunch of other authors will be hanging out at their fifth Anniversary celebration from 11-5.  They are located at 337 Clifty Drive in Madison, and it sounds like they have done quite a few renovations to the place to make it bigger and better.  There will also be music all day long, which will make it even more of a festive atmosphere.  So if you are any where near Madison, Indiana, this Saturday, head on over and check out some of their outrageously good deals on books That Book Place has as well as getting the chance to have copies of your books from the various authors in attendance signed.  Here is a link on Facebook with more details:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188601541151430.

I know Ben, Beth, and I all have books as well as upcoming books to promote, and I am sure we, along with everyone else who is there, would enjoy chatting with folks about our writing, the stories ideas we come up with, and what the future has in store for each of us.

I would love to see you there!

Eric S. Brown has a new contest to win one of his books!

Hey folks, just thought I would share something cool with you.  Eric S. Brown, the man behind tons of great zombie books out there is holding a contest in honor of his first release through Simon and Schuster.  It’s a great chance to check out a killer book and win some other really killer books.   Here are the details from the man himself:

Contest rules and prizes: From Eric S Brown

On Dec. 14th, my first ever Simon and Schuster release hits stores everywhere.  All you have to do is take a photo of yourself either buying or have bought War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies in a book store and tag me with it on Facebook anytime from Tuesday Dec. 14th to Friday Dec. 17th.  A random winner who does this will win signed copies of Antiheroes, Martin Kier and the Dead, and Kinberra Down.  For each 100 people who take part, I will be adding prizes.  So tag me on Facebook with a photo of you buying the book and you’re entered to win.

Sounds pretty simple, and a cool way to win some books!

A few updates on my new book and other stuff

I thought it would be a good idea to pass along a few updates on things.  First off, I wanted to thank Frank and the other folks at That Book Place for their hospitality this past Saturday.  The book signing with Ben Rogers was a great experience and their book store is a fantastic place.  If you are ever near Madison, Indiana, you HAVE to check it out.  Great used books and they can order up any new ones that you are interested in as well.

In other news, the second book in my trilogy, Into the Dark, has been sent off to be formatted.  Yep, the editing is complete and my obsessive-compulsive need to read it fifteen times in an attempt to catch every last mistake (which you simply cannot do, no matter how hard you try) is done.  It is now in the extremely capable hands of Kody Boye, who is a formatter extraordinare.   Philip Rogers is currently working on the cover and has passed along a rough draft of the back cover of the book, which looks great.  While I have not seen the art for the cover, the theme will be similar to what was on the first cover.  The back also retains that same flavor and to say that I am excited to see what Philip comes up with is the understatement of the year.

I will be working on another “Dark Story”, which is actually a continuation of the previous one, and will be about George and Jason again, very soon.  I am hoping to have something posted within the next week or so.  I am presently going to focus on a short story that has been nagging me for a while and try to get it done in the next few days, then I will be editing the next DS for the blog.

And for you folks who have not seen the back cover synopsis for Into the Dark, here it is again, for your viewing pleasure:

Six weeks ago, the mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world.  Everyone infected seemed to die … then rise again.

Jeff Blaine did his best to hold his family together and to protect them from the horrors scratching at their door, but in the end, they were ripped away from him like everything else that ever mattered.

Lost and alone, Jeff decided his only option was to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well.  But when he discovers Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors not interested in giving up just yet, he reluctantly accepts that there might still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

Traveling through the blasted landscape their world has become, the quartet discovers that the living dead aren’t the only danger with which they must cope.  Even other survivors who promise safety and security from the hordes of ghouls roaming the wastelands will test loyalties and their faith in humankind.

Jeff and his small band of newfound friends must forge a semblance of life in the newly blighted world.  And they will have only the light of their own humanity by which to navigate as everything around them descends into the dark.

More updates as they come up.  As I have already mentioned, Into The Dark will be released between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is coming soon!

Book Signing this Saturday

Ben Rogers and I will be taking part in the Books of the Dead Signings at That Book Place in Madison, Indiana.  It is located at 337 Clifty Drive and will run from 12-3.  There will also be an opportunity for customers to dress up as zombies for this event, so it should be a real blast!  I will be signing copies of my book, Comes The Dark, and Ben will be signing his book, Faith and The Undead.

You can check out That Book Place on the web, and become their fan on Facebook, at http://www.thatbookplace.com/.  They did an interview with me back in July, which is posted on their website, and they do a lot of other great interviews and reviews of books.  Please help support independent book stores like this one, because they bring you a lot of great books and authors that bigger chains seem to pass over.


Book Signing this weekend in Dayton!

It is great to have friends who are willing to let you tag along with them!  I get the opportunity to be at the Halloween Express up in Dayton, Ohio this Saturday with my good friend Ben Rogers, thanks to Beth LaFond, his publicist, who always sees if I am available for anything they plan in the area.   Many thanks to Beth and Ben for allowing me to take part in this event.

We will be selling and signing copies of our books.  I have reviewed Ben’s Faith and the Undead here on my blog not so long ago, so check that out, and if you live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and haven’t had the chance to pick up a copy of either Ben’s book or mine, stop by!  Even if you have already and want to get us to sign your copy, we would love to do so.  It should be a lot of fun, so check it out!

Here is the posting that Halloween Express made for this event on their Facebook page:

Halloween Express/Dayton/Columbus Benjamin Rogers, author of “Faith and the Undead” and Patrick D’Orazio author of “Comes the Dark” will be at our Beavercreek location on Saturday October 16th for book signings. 2750 suite B. N. Fairfield Rd. Beavercreek Ohio 45431

So definitely check it out!  We will be there officially from 11-4, but ya never know, we might just stick around after that

Looking back at Horror Realm 2010

This past weekend, I got to go to my very first horror convention, Horror Realm, which is held in Pittsburgh.  This is a zombie-centric horror conference and gave me and the rest of the authors from The Library of the Living Dead and Permuted Press the chance to meet with horror fans of all stripes, discuss zombies, and have a blast.

Things got going on Thursday night, when those of us who had the chance to come in a bit early were able to head to Rich Dalzotto’s house and mix and mingle with one another.  Rich is one of the folks who runs Horror Realm.  The party gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with quite a few of the folks I haven’t met face to face before but have corresponded with and spoke to on Skype.  Too many to mention here, and I fear that if I start naming names, I will end up skipping someone.  So suffice it to say, the party was a lot of fun and a great experience.

Putting up my books and being at the actual show was quite an experience.  I have gone to conferences for work before, but never something like this.  There were a ton of vendors and quite a few horror celebrities, with reunions for Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead happening at the convention.  Even with these celebrities walking around, I gained the most enjoyment in having the chance to get to know a lot of other authors over the three days of the show.  Doc, my publisher, was terrific, and so was Jacob Kier, who is the publisher over at Permuted Press.  They both took great care of everyone and despite the fact that sales weren’t huge, the show was a rousing success.

One of the highlights for me was getting made up as a zombie to film a commercial for The Library of the Living Dead.  All us zombies got to tear into Doc, though it wasn’t blood and guts that came out, but something else entirely.  I won’t ruin the surprise, but lets just say we all had a blast filming the commercial.

I wanted post a few pictures I took at Horror Realm here as well, just to provide a flavor of the event and the people I had the pleasure of meeting up with.  I am already anxious to go to next year’s event, because if it is half as much fun as this Horror Realm was, it will be well worth the trip!

A Plug for Horror Realm

I will be attending the Horror Realm Convention in a couple of weeks.  Horror Realm is one of the premier convention for horror fans, and in particular zombie fans, and is held every year in Pittsburgh, PA, the birthplace of the modern zombie, when George A. Romero filmed Night of the Living Dead there over forty years ago.  I haven’t had the opportunity to attend this event in the past, but I am very excited to not only having the chance to be going as a visitor, but also as a member of the Library of the Living Dead’s group of authors who will have tables at the convention.  I will be selling and signing my book, Comes The Dark, and sharing space with a large group of other fantastic authors.  In addition, I will have the opportunity to read from my novel on Sunday afternoon in one of the Author Panels and will be sharing the stage with Jake Bible, Robert Cordray, and Steve North.  It will be a blast hanging out with these great group of writers.  I just hope I have the opportunity to check out some of the other panels that are running all weekend long, which include both film and book panels, but I will promoting my book as much as I can, so I may be glued to my table most of the time.  Not that I’m complaining-I can hardly wait to have the chance to meet and greet other horror fans like myself and talk up my book.

The Convention runs from September 17th-19th at the Crowne Plaza, Pittsburgh South.  Check out the website: http://www.horrorrealmcon.com/ for all the information you’ll need to get tickets, find out who is going to be in attendance, and the schedule of events.  That weekend will be jammed packed with a huge array of events that every horror fan will love.   I am really looking forward to the costume party on Saturday night.  Given that I will be getting all gussied up for a video spot being done a couple of hours before that for the Library of the Living Dead, I will fit in perfectly!

So if you live in the region and have the opportunity, head on over to Horror Realm the weekend of September 17th-19th and check it out.  And if you can’t make it, check back here after that weekend to see what pictures I post and the stories I will have to tell about having the chance to meet all these fantastic people involved in writing horror novels and staring in horror films.  I’m just hoping I don’t act like a total goofball when I get the chance to meet these people…but there is little doubt that I will.

Interview with That Book Place and book signing announced.

I was interviewed for a book signing I will be doing with my good friend, Ben Rogers on October 23rd at That Book Place in Madison, Indiana (www.thatbookplace.com) and it appears on their website, here: http://www.thatbookplace.com/interviews/56-interview-patrick-dorazio

I would like to that Beth, PR Guru Extraordinaire for setting up both the interview and the book signing, which will be a lot of fun.  I would like to also thank Frank Hall from That Book Place for inviting us to sign books at his store.

Review of Eric S. Brown and Jessy Marie Robert’s Kinberra Down

Eric S. Brown and Jessy Marie Roberts have created a faced paced and slick little tale of war, aliens, and mayhem that is packed tightly into 80 pages that go by even quicker than you would think.  This novella starts out fast, with the Kinberra, a human warship, getting assaulted immediately after coming out of void space into a war zone.  Humans and Darians, a cat-like race, are fighting in the system, and before the Kinberra can get annihilated like the rest of their fleet, the ship takes a blind jump into void space…which sends them to a mysterious ice planet with some very dangerous indigenous life forms, where they are forced to crash land and make a desperate attempt to repair their vessel before they get annihilated by the giant ants that swarm the snow drenched planet.

This book barely gives you barely enough time to breath, as we get space battles, hand to hand combat, gruesome ant like enemies, mutiny, and even a bit of a love story jam packed into this very quick read.  I devoured this one in one quick sitting and enjoyed it a great deal.  This could easily be part of a much bigger saga of the war between the Humans and Darians, and we even get to meet a Darian that is a prisoner aboard the Kinberra, so the reader gets a taste of these enemies and how the fight.

My only real complaint has to be that this book is so brief that we don’t get too much of a chance to really get to know the people involved in this tale in any depth.  This is true in particular of Jordon, Rebecca, and Xar, the Darian prisoner who is forced to fight alongside the humans against the menacing ants.  I would have liked to seen more of them.  This is a brief jaunt into space that gives you action that is fast paced with absolutely no filler, though, which marks it as a blast in my book.

Kinberra Down can be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/161706016X/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Origins Game Con…helping out a friend promote his book

This past Saturday, I ventured up to Columbus and the Origins Gaming Convention, where my friend Ben Rogers and his wonderful PR Queen, Beth LaFond, had a table set up and were promoting Ben’s book, Faith and The Undead.   This was the first experience of book signing for Ben, and was for me as well.  I consider it something that will allow both of us to lay the groundwork for future cons, and more specifically, conventions that are more targeted toward the audience we are selling to.

Origins is what I suppose is a typical gaming convention, with a huge array of colorful characters walking around in costumes that consist of armor, spandex, leather, and a wide assortment of other materials that perhaps are not what you would typically see on the street these days.  It was entertaining watching so many people dressed up as their favorite fantasy characters, although the Ghost Busters crew was also interesting.  I can’t deny that the corsets and woman dressed in the naughty nurse outfit weren’t just a tad bit distracting, but some of the apparel was also highly amusing.  But hey, I figure a convention like this gives folks a chance to let loose and have fun.  My guess is that when I attend Horror Realm in September, chances are that I will be garbed like a zombie at least for one night, so who am I to judge?

Since I was only there on Saturday, I did get a taste of the convention experience, but I am sure that Ben and Beth are worn out after being their Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, where as I only had to show up and chat with some folks who came by the booth to see what Ben’s book was all about for a few hours.  I don’t think either of them were thrilled with how the convention managers set up the authors (there were four that were supposed to have tables, I believe, but only a couple of them were there, and typically only for an hour or two, with very little product to promote to the convention goers).  Ben had the table decorated and had quite a few books ready to sell to interested conventioneers.  It was nice hearing him and Beth describe the book and give the audience an understand of what it is all about.  What was also interesting was going to Ben’s reading of his book that afternoon.  He actually read a few chapters and then some short stories and poems in the hour he had.  He did an excellent job.  I myself have been giving presentations my entire career, but somehow the idea of reading things of my own creation instead of speaking about some manufacturers new product or a new solution for a customer makes me feel like when my time comes, there will be plenty of butterflies.

Overall, I would have to say the experience was a blast.  Given that we writers tend to live in our own worlds part of the time (that is inside our heads), and our connections to other members of the writing community tend to consist of message boards and on occasion Skype conference sessions late at night, it was terrific meeting a couple of people who I have not interacted with previously on a face to face basis.  I feel like I am definitely part of a bigger thing than myself when we are all trying to get together and help one another to promote our books and “pimp” our stuff.  There is a cohesion there because of our shared passion and that makes all the difference.  As you may or may not have surmised, I do not spend my days and nights with other people who like zombies or give them much thought.  The same goes with horror…science fiction and fantasy has been a bit more prevalent in my life, since I grew up with friends who enjoyed those genres immensely…but even with that, much of the interaction with others of a like mind is with people not in my own physical world.  I am sure I could find a community of zombie fans here in Cincinnati, and my understanding is that Horror Hound is a convention occurring here probably in August that might be interesting to attend, but it was almost surreal having several people to chat with, face to face, about zombies and seeing that there passion is as great as mine on the subject.  That was new, and probably the most exciting part of being at this convention.

Great experience and I can’t wait for my next convention…hopefully after my book comes out so I have something of my own to promote alongside Ben and whoever else I am with.

My handout for Comes the Dark

As the date of the release of my book, Comes The Dark, gets closer, I am working to do what I can to promote it as much as possible.  That includes creating a flier that I can pass out at events like a convention I am going to this weekend to help out a fellow author to promote his recently released book.  Since I’ve gotten a rough draft of the cover of my book, I can add few images to the brochure to add a little punch.  Here is the text of the piece.  Big thanks to Tim Long, another fellow author, who showed a flier that he had created for his book, The Zombie-Wilson Diaries, on The Library of the Living Dead message boards.  I essentially copied exactly what he did.  I think it will help tremendously.

Well, here it is:


The end came with a whimper, not a bang. The mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world in a matter of days.  Everyone who was infected seemed to die…and then rise again.  Governments collapsed, armies disappeared, and entire civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces.

Jeff Blaine had a good life: a beautiful wife, adorable children, and a nice house in the suburbs.  He liked his job, loved his family, and spent his lazy suburban Sundays out on the deck, barbecuing with the neighbors.  Things were perfect until everything fell apart.  And no matter how hard Jeff tried, he could not spare his family from the horrors scratching at the door.

Now, with his family gone, his life in ruins, the only thing left is raw anger and pain.  As the world continues to sink into darkness, Jeff does as well.  So he ventures out into the desolation with no better plan than to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well.

But soon Jeff will discover other survivors unwilling to give up.  They will force him to decide whether or not to succumb to the venom that gnaws at his soul.  Should he continue to fight to survive, or succumb to the things that come with the dark?

Patrick S. D’Orazio

Patrick D’Orazio resides in southwestern Ohio with his wife, Michele, two children, Alexandra and Zachary, and three spastic dogs.  He has been writing since he was a teenager but only recently clued into the fact that unless he attempted to get published, no one else would really care.

Several of his short stories appear in various anthologies from Library of the Living Dead, including “The Moron’s Guide to the Inevitable Zombocalypse,” “The Zombist,” “Night of the Giving Dead,” “Zombidays,” and “Letters from the Dead.”  He will also be appearing in May December’s “Eyewitness: Zombie” anthology and Pill Hill Press’ “Daily Bites of Flesh 2011.”

Comes The Dark, the first book of a trilogy, is Patrick’s first novel and is being released by The Library of the Living Dead Press this September.

Undead Praise for Comes The Dark

Comes the Dark is well-written, relentless, fast-paced horror.  Be ready for blood, carnage and a wild ride in this tale of the Zompocalypse! –Stephen A. North, author of Dead Tide and Dead Tide Rising

A tense apocalyptic survival tale with a powerful heart at its center. -David Dunwoody, author of EMPIRE and UNBOUND & OTHER TALES

COMES THE DARK by Patrick D’Orazio is a high speed adrenaline ride through the madness and insanity of the zombie apocalypse.  From beginning to end you question your own sanity and strength through the eyes of the characters.  Can’t wait to get my copy! – Benjamin Rogers, author of FAITH & THE UNDEAD.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Jeff bit his lip as he tried to maintain a grip on the aluminum baseball bat in his sweaty hands.  He splashed through a slick puddle of blood as he continued running down the sidewalk.

The backpack jounced up and down and he slipped his hand around the strap to make sure it stayed in place.  The tin cans and boxes of crackers thumped in time to his footsteps.  Increasing his speed, he tried to suck in another lungful of air.

The howls of rage had grown distant but slowing down wasn’t an option.  Not until he was safely back inside.  As he crested the hill a smile tugged at Jeff’s lips—there were only a few more houses to pass and he would be home free.

Pulling tighter on the frayed strap hanging over his shoulder, he moved onto the grass to avoid hearing his own footsteps.  Eyes darting back and forth, he spied no movement as his house came into view.   It was hard to believe it had only been an hour since he had crept out to go on a hunt for food.  He spotted the dark brown side door, which stood in stark contrast to the light beige siding that surrounded it.

Skidding to a halt in front of the door, Jeff’s eyes narrowed.  There was a smudge near the knob.  A rusty red finger-shaped outline caused his heart to skip a beat.

Feeling a rush of white hot terror flooding his system, Jeff looked around, eyes shifting to the bushes at the back of his neighbor’s house.  He could feel his heart racing and pulse accelerate as he tried to keep his breathing normal.  Turning quickly, he looked across the street at the other houses, scanning for movement among the shadows.  Ignoring the moans and howls off in the distance, he tried to reassure himself no one was watching or waiting to pounce.  Taking a deep breath, he tried to tell himself that everything was going to be okay.

The smudge had not been there before.  He recalled staring at the door after shutting it earlier and wondering if leaving, even if for a little while, was such a good idea.  There had been no scratches and certainly no blood on the door when he left.  That was not something the detail oriented man would have missed.

Jeff dug into his pocket and curled his fingers around the house key.  Regardless of whoever…or whatever…had left the mark on the door all that mattered now was getting back inside before he was discovered out here.

As the key touched the knob and the door moved slightly, Jeff’s eyes widened and his hand began to quiver.  The door was already unlocked.  Worse, it wasn’t even shut.  He began to shake his head and whisper “no” over and over.  It couldn’t be.

Jeff knew he had locked the door when he left.  He had hugged Ellen, told Frankie and Mary to behave for mommy, and then…

A cold, stark fear for his family’s safety overrode the slow itch of terror in Jeff’s gut as he slammed his fist into the door and burst into the garage.  Staring into the darkened space, he nearly stumbled but somehow his watery legs managed to hold him up.

Mark, his next door neighbor, was bent over Ellen, teeth buried in her neck.  A wide pool of bright red fluid gushed from where he gnawed at her torn flesh.

Jeff froze in the doorway as he desperately tried to comprehend what he was seeing.  The guy he had shared a few beers with over discussions about politics, baseball, and the Horton’s Rottweiler crapping in their yards was tearing into his wife’s throat.  Jeff couldn’t quite see Ellen’s face because Mark’s blood-drenched hand was clasped over her eyes and nose, but it was definitely her.  There was a faint scent of jasmine in the air mixed in with the rich coppery scent of blood.  It was that perfume she always wore.  The tenth anniversary diamond ring he had given her a year before sparkled in a splash of sunlight as her arm flopped to the side.  Jeff’s eyes gravitated to the ring but it was hard to catch more than a brief glimpse of it as his wife’s fingers twitched violently in response to the tearing motion of Mark’s teeth.

For more info on the book, head over to http://www.patrickdorazio.com

Comes The Dark

Ben Roger’s Book Signing at The Origin’s Game Fair this weekend

My good friend Ben Rogers will be signing copies of his recent release ‘Faith and The Undead’, this weekend at the Origins Game Fair at the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center Friday (10-6), Saturday (10-6), and Sunday (10-4) and I will be in attendance along with Ben’s publicist and another good friend, Beth LaFond.  I can only be there on Saturday, but am really looking forward to the opportunity. I am very excited about helping out a friend while he promotes his book and because it will be a learning experience for all of us.  This is Ben’s first show and mine as well.  Given that my book is not released yet, I will get the chance to ‘pimp’ Ben’s book and learn from the experience.

Having been to trade shows on numerous occasions in the past for various jobs I’ve had, I have a inkling of what something like this will be like, although I am guessing it will be a lot more fun and passionate audience than you typically get at a Security & Alarm or telecom industry trade show.  Getting the chance to meet up with die hard fans of multiple genres like horror, science fiction, and fantasy should be a real blast.  I want to really help Ben and Beth make this show a success for them and learn some tips on how to grab people’s attention at events like this one.

Since my book isn’t out yet, I’ve created a flyer that I can hand out to people who take look at Ben’s book.  I have also created some business cards as well, which will give me the chance to promote Ben and give folks a little reminder of my stuff, since they are already checking out an excellent zombie novel from a fellow author.  This trip will be all about Ben though, and I am there to support him and get his message across.  He is a great guy with a tremendous novel and I’m excited to do my little part to help his book get the attention it so richly deserves.