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Update on my writing journey for April, 2010

Well, its been a while since I posted something.  I’m not really sure I am feeling guilty about that, because I have been spending a great deal of my free time writing, which is really the point of all this, so at least I feel productive.  I think this blog is an extension of that desire to write, but is also a way to help promote both what I have written as well as some other people out there whose books I’ve read and really enjoyed.  So I need to do a better job of keeping up with things, but for now, I will report when there is something to report on.

But hey, I just ordered some book through the Amazon Vine’s program that is supposed to tell me five steps to becoming a better blogger.  So watch out world!  Patrick D’Orazio’s blog is going to knock yer socks off…once I get the chance to read that book.  I think.

The challenge, at this time, is that nothing I’ve written is out there yet for you to pick up and buy.  I have five short stories that have been accepted for different anthologies thus far, along with my trilogy of novels.  I have several other stories out there going through the submission process and I will hopefully hear back on them over the next few months, but as I wait, I will continue to write.  You just wait, in a few months, I will have plenty to talk about that is actually out on the market…and hopefully a lot more to come.  Then again, I think this is a good and humbling experience.  I am getting rejections along with acceptances, which makes me want to work harder at being a better writer.  Every day, that is my goal.

I think I have made up my mind that writing my next novel is a process that will begin after the editing of my current novel begins, which is actually ongoing, but I am hoping for the first book of my trilogy to be completely edited before I begin to focus on writing the first draft of an entirely new story.    I know this is a random thought, but I swear there is a method to my madness.  Or at least I think there is.  The madness does sometimes get in the way, but honestly, that is the fun part.

Up until that time, I have plenty to keep me busy with the various short story anthologies asking for submissions that are out there.  I actually submitted something for the first non-Library of the Living Dead/Library of Horror/Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology last night, so I am spreading my wings a bit.  My next effort, the one I am working on right now, is a time traveling anthology for Permuted Press.   Two non-Library submissions in a row is great.  But two non-Library acceptances would be far better.

The majority of the stories I have written and submitted so far have had zombies in them.  Some more traditional stories than others (when you start talking zombies and politics, zombies and cowboys, and zombies being used as a April Fools’ joke, you are not sticking to the beaten path, that is for sure).  In the mix of what I’ve written have been a story about phobias, one about terrorism and spies, and one that is science fiction comedy.  Some of the anthologies I am targeting past my current efforts involve horror comedy, super heros, and serial killers, thought not all at the same time.  Although, that might be interesting.  But no zombies in my short term future (just sent a zombie story off, so I got my fix).   Beyond that, I am going to start searching beyond the anthology sources I am familiar withrequesting short stories and find some other ideas that may challenge me into writing beyond my comfort zone.  I know of two anthos involving Steam Punk and Bizarro respectively, but I am not sure I am ready to dip my toes into either of those pools quite yet.  I think I need to read more of those genres before I presume I can write in them.

I did do my first interview over Skype recently, which will hopefully be appearing on Tim Long’s blog (a great horror/comedy/bizarro/fantasy writer) very soon.  It was a round table interview with some of the newer writers in the Library of Living Dead stable.  It was a lot of fun and really gave me a chance to interact with some other folks who are just as excited about the writing process and the concept of seeing our words in print as I am.  I probably blabbed way too much during the hour plus interview, but it was pretty loose and I was glad I wasn’t on my own.  My first solo interview is definitely going to be a trippy experience.

Once a couple of my stories are actually in print, I will probably be able to start promoting myself more effectively.  Getting a fan page on Facebook sounds like an plan (although it sounds weird…asking someone to be my fan, or more specifically, a fan of my books, just feels a bit surreal).  Having an author’s page on Amazon would also be a step in the right direction to getting myself out there.

So there it is.  I am at the starting gate, and have been preparing for my journey of pimping my wares, but have only just begun.  Wish me luck.  I might have spent most of my career in sales, and everyone in sales will tell you that selling yourself is the key to being successful, but it is still a bit strange to me that I actually will be selling myself during this process.

Crazy stuff.  But a lot of fun as well.

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