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Final Cover of Comes The Dark complete as well as formatting…as well as a few other things

Well, the file is pretty large, so it would be tough to add it here, but the finalized cover is complete for the book and it looks great.  Philip Rogers did a fantastic job with it and was able to fit all the blurbs on the front and back along with all the logos and other little touches that will make this complete.

Since it’s a pdf, it’s too large to effectively post here.

Also complete is the formatting for the inside of the book.  An ISBN number needs to be set up for the book and then a proof will be ordered from the printers, which I get to look over and make sure it looks good.  If it is all set, then the book gets rolling.

In some ways, it is pretty scary that things have gotten to this point so quickly.  I sort of find it hard to believe that my first book is this close to being completed so that I can start bugging everyone to start buying this sucker.

In other ways, it feels completely right after such a long saga.  Many thanks to Michael West, aka Dr. Pus, for making all of this possible.  I can’t repeat that enough.  The man is driven and dedicated to his authors, and I have always felt as if the Library is a wonderful home for a lot of great people, with Doc as our wonderfully wild patriarch.  Imaging a trip to Pittsburgh in September to meet him and everyone else is almost too much to imagine.  It’s going to be a profound experience.  Especially since I will be on one of the author panels with the chance to read from my book.

As Doc has told me more than once:  “Buckle up and keep your hands and feet inside the cabin-it’s gonna be a wild ride!”

Update: I was able to get a lower sized version of my wraparound cover saved…so here it is:

One response

  1. Amy

    It looks fabulous. The sense of menace is palpable. Love it.

    July 13, 2010 at 11:58 am

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