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Coming soon…I hope…well, whenever it does, I think you will crack up at it!

I wanted to post the cover of an anthology that I am proud to have a story in.  The challenge with the premise of this antho was to use two different monster archetypes and mash them up and make it into a comedy story about them.  It is entitled Groanology: Amusing Monster Mash-Ups Unleashed!

My short story, “Hell in the Family” will appear on its pages.  Shocking tidbit about it: there are NO zombies in this one!  So you see, I can actually write a horror tale without the undead in it.  But of course, there have been others I’ve written.  But of course, by now, you all know I love writing about the undead buggers, heh.

Anyway, here is the cover, and I think it will give you a great idea of how amusing this book will end up being.  More details to come as the book gets closer to release.

HorrorHound Indianapolis 2011 review

This past weekend, I took part in HorrorHound Indianapolis.  Like the event in Cincinnati, it is three days of organized chaos, with tons of horror fans running around in costumes and makeup checking out vendor booths and getting autographs from some of the more famous (and infamous) stars of the horror genre.  This was their tenth anniversary show and it was jam packed all weekend long.  I got to sit between Tony Schaab of G.O.R.E. Score fame and Dr. Pus’s (aka The Library of the Living Dead) table, which had Doc, Michelle Linhart, and Rich Dalzotto manning the stations.  Also in attendance from the Library of the Living Dead crew were Rob and Laura Best.  We got to see plenty of folks we know from the facebook and the industry, which was a blast, including the folks from Night of the Living Podcast, who were kind enough to post a review of Into The Dark on one of their recent episodes after reviewing Comes The Dark after HorrorHound Cincinnati back in November.

I sold a few books, got to talk about the third book of my trilogy, Beyond The Dark, hung out with some great folks, and took a few pictures of the event.  This was truly a great con and a lot of fun.  I definitely hope I have the opportunity to attend next year as well!

Here are a few of the pics I took at the show.  Forgive the blur-they were taken with my cellphone camera.

Tony Schaab and his brother-in-law Tom, who is also the graphic designer for the covers of his G.O.R.E. Score books.

Rob and Laura Best

Dr. Pus, my publisher, sitting alongside Michelle Linhart and Rich Dalzotto (sorry you can’t see much of them!)

Just a sample of one of the more wild costumes at HorrorHound this year.

…and another wild costume.

In this picture is the famous “Kitty Zombie”, who has his back to the camera.  He is the one with the goggles, armor, and the bald head.  He is a pretty remarkable character, and funny as hell without saying a single intelligible word.


Well, that’s about it for now.  The rest of the pictures I took were sort of blurry or didn’t show anything specifically of interest.  Again, the convention was a lot of fun, and I only wish I could attend more of them after the fun I’ve had at the one in Indy as well as Cinci.

Strange Tales of Horror is now on Amazon!

I just wanted to pass along that the latest anthology that I am a part of has made its way over to Amazon.  As I have mentioned before, this one has a great table of contents and I am pleased that my story, VRZ, appears among its pages.   This one contains short stories, flash fiction, and even some poetry.  And of course, it also has one of the most wicked book covers of anything I have been associated with.  I think this one is going to do very well.  Click on the picture to head on over to Amazon and place your order for this one.  I myself can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Review of Patrick Rutigliano’s “Black Corners Of A Blood-Red Room”

Black Corners of a Blood-Red Room is a series of brief vignettes, or nightmares, if you will.  Each is like a taste of a bitter drink that first warms, then burns, as it travels down your throat, and then is gone, though you can still feel it there, itching in your gut, well after you have finished it.  None of these slightly less than fifty tales is more than ten pages long, and most are quite a bit less than that.  That the author is able to do much like the creature that adorns the cover and grab you by the throat with the stories that appear here speaks highly of his writing talent.  Short fiction can be tricky, and admittedly, not every single story here resonated with me, but again, with a selection as wide as Mr. Rutigliano has offered up here, his hit rate is quite impressive.
The stories on these pages are broken up into five different themes, though the author’s flights of fancy don’t really provide enough restraint that all of these stories can be easily categorized, though they are all horror, and there is a tremendous amount of diversity at work here.  Not often do you see a writer willing to plunge into such diverse territory.  We travel through history, alternate universes, and surreal environments.  This is definitely a dreamscape, and a wide ranging one at that.
I would like to see some longer tales from this author, but my guess is that he often gets the itch to create something short and abrupt, and finds it hard to spend time on larger works.  Again, he has done a great job at creating short, strong splashes of imagery that pulls you in and then drop kicks you rather rapidly when the tale is done.  So if you have a penchant for short horror fiction that tends to run into the fantastical, you should check out this book.  It is well worth the price of admission.

Black Corners of a Blood-Red Room can be found here:  http://www.amazon.com/Black-Corners-Blood-Red-Patrick-Rutigliano/dp/1453756531/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1294715754&sr=1-1

Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 is up on Amazon!

Hey folks, just to let you know, Daily Bites of Flesh is now available on Amazon.  It does look like it is out of stock right now, but my guess is that it just will need a day or two for them to have some inventory.  It is a very hefty book, with over 500 pages of horror-rific flash fiction for you to check out.  And it is the perfect time of year to get someone that calendar that will give them a spine tingling tale once every day.  Nothing can beat that for the horror fan!

Hit the picture to head on over to Amazon to get your copy!

Review of Tony Monchinski’s “I Kill Monsters: Fury”

I have read Tony Monchinski’s take on zombies in his Eden books and was intrigued by the opportunity given to me to check out his particular slant on vampires with his new series, ‘I Kill Monsters’, of which Fury is the first book. Tony is apparently confident that he will be writing this series for a while, because he has nine titles listed in total on the list of books he has written at the front of this novel. I have no doubt that Tony will complete these other books and credit him for having the vision to have them all lined up and titled already.

Fury is urban fantasy, with all the monsters of myth coming to life on the page, although the focus on this novel is the vampire. While other monster archetypes are hinted at, including Furies among others, a Genie out of its bottle is the only other creature we get to see in this tale. Most of the world doesn’t know about these strange creatures, as they remain hidden, although they are definitely a part of every day life in the world Tony has created here. This story takes place in New York City, and the author has a knack for working in that environment and breathing life into the characters that inhabit the city. I admire his skill at creating dialog that feels natural and unforced and is unique to the Big Apple. This story starts out with a group of thieves that work the vampires of the city-stealing blood from one clan and selling it to another. Though they are dealing with vampires, these guys are just like any other thieves you might meet-they do their jobs and then fade into the background, until the next job comes along. All except Boone, who is the muscle for the squad, and a guy who everyone wonders about-even other members of his crew. He doesn’t seem to have any restraints-he is a hardcore drug user, including steroids, which have turned him into a rage machine. The crew boss likes having him around, while just about everyone else doesn’t. Boone presents the reader with a great anti-hero. He is sort of like having a wild animal as a pet-they behave because you feed them, but you never know when their disposition may change. Boone is articulately drawn, intriguing, and fierce.

Tony has done what I believe he set out to do, which was to pushing vampires back into the darkness, making them the despised, wretched leaches on humanity that they actually are, versus the sweet, loving, romantic figures they have become in popular culture these days. Whether or not future installments in this series remains focused on vampires or stretches things to include other creatures of darkness remains to be seen, but I am anxious to see what Tony has in store for us next.

My only grumble here is that we are left hanging, with only hints at what Boone is to become. Given his personality and the name of the series, we can guess where things are headed, but I think we are in for some significant twists as he discovers his path in life.

You can find I Kill Monsters: Fury at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/I-Kill-Monsters-Tony-Monchinski/dp/1453677437/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1288218294&sr=8-1