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It’s a wild, wild week! Check out my interview with Rebecca Besser over at her blog.

As you should know, the anthology Zombies Gone Wild has been released.  Why should you know?  Well, let me tell ya.  Because it includes one of my short stories, “What’s Eating You?” which is one twisted, messed up tale of zombie therapy.  It also includes stories from a slew of great indy authors who loves them some zombies.  Out on the kindle, very soon to be available in paperback as well.

You should also know because great and wonderful fellow author Rebecca Besser, who also has a story included in this wondrous tome, has created “Wild Week!” over on her blog, where she is doing interviews of many of the authors involved in this killer project.  So please stop on over and check out the interview Rebecca did with yours truly as a part of Wild Week…and check out the other interviews she’s doing to support the book’s release as well.


Zombies Gone Wild is now available for the Kindle! Soon in paperback!

I’m proud to announce that Zombie’s Gone Wild, an anthology of wild and crazy zombie tales, including “What’s Eating You?” which is my twisted and disturbing saga of zombie comedy, is included within its pages.  It hit the Kindle today, and will be available in paperback soon.  Stay tuned-I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on that front.  Just click on the cover below to be taken to where you can purchase this masterpiece of modern zombie horror and comedy.

 Death is not the end…

“Zombies Gone Wild!” is a chilling collection of twenty-six stories from established authors as well as up-and-coming writers in the genre, with an opening poem from everyone’s favorite zombie. This anthology includes tales where the undead stand as a symbol of unification for a desperate world, where friends really are what you make them, and where new beginnings aren’t always a good thing.

The end is only the beginning…

Bizarre, humorous, and terrifying, “Zombies Gone Wild!” will satiate your hunger for zombie goodness.

But…but my story doesn’t have one of those in it! Well, maybe…

Okay, so I wrote this science fiction comedy story quite some time back for an anthology that never came out.  It was, without a doubt, a strange piece of fiction.  Perhaps not as strange as the piece I wrote for Houdini Gut Punch, a bizarro anthology, which is called “Consumer’s Paradise”, but then again, I wasn’t writing this piece in an attempt at something bizarro, just something wild, fun, and perhaps a bit…off.  Which is what I came up with.  And now it will be available via a new bizarro anthology that has been released entitled Tall Tales with Short Cocks, Volume 2 from Bizarro Press.

Okay, I get it.  I read the first volume of this anthology series and the comments in many of the reviews said  that there were very few…um, er, well, you know…naughty male bits…in any of the stories.  And I was thinking that my particular story, which is entitled “The Interstellar Quest for Snack Cakes” has none of them in it either.  But perhaps I shouldn’t speak so fast.  There is a bit of untamed lasciviousness in my tale, primarily with a wide assortment of alien creatures.  Nothing described in too much graphic detail, mind you, but it is there.  Of course, if I thought I could sell a few more books by making it a bit more racy, I might have considered doing so.  But hey, mixing comedy, science fiction, and erotica might just make a few folks heads explode, so I’ll keep things just where they are, with just the comedy and science fiction.  Otherwise I might have been forced to call my story Barbarella.

Suffice it to say, this anthology will have some pretty weird tales in it.  I read the first volume and there was plenty of horror, comedy, and some stuff that was just plane surreal, so my guess is that if you check this one out, you’ll get a nice assortment of whacked out crazy stuff mixed with some chills, thrills, and head scratches.  And including in this bevy of the odd is my story, which the editor said was ‘not strictly not bizarro, but pretty f$%king bizarre’ which I take as a tremendous compliment and makes for a great tag line.

Click on the cover below to head to Amazon to purchase the kindle version of this book.  Stay tuned for updates on the paperback version, coming soon!

Review of Keith Adam Luethke’s “Ravenous: Through The Eyes of Bigfoot”

Ravenous: Through the Eyes of Bigfoot is a short story that gives us a brief insight into what the life of a Bigfoot creature may be like.  Terrill goes by that name only because it is the sound his mother made before abandoning him.  He is a lone hunter, wandering the wilderness facing off again bears and smaller prey, but has crossed paths with men before.  He does not fear them-he does not fear anything.  They appear to be weak and like him, are not animals.  Terrill has created his own goes in lieu of having any guidance from any other Bigfoots, and sacrifices to them.

The story covers his experience with mankind, learning that while they are weaker in many ways, being much smaller and soft, but have weapons and don’t act like the animals, who flee and never return when one of them gets attacked.  Humans are willing to hunt him and try to destroy him before he wipes them all out.

Again, this is a short story, but it still provides the reader with a good understanding of both the violent and somewhat sad existence of this solitary hunter.  The best story I’ve read from Keith so far, and this certainly has the potential to be expanding into a larger tale.

Raveous: Through The Eyes of Bigfoot can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Ravenous-Through-Keith-Adam-Luethke/dp/1475221681/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342284182&sr=1-1&keywords=ravenous%3A+through

Review of Gerald Dean Rice’s “The 5000 Fingers of Bob”

The 5000 Fingers of Bob is a strange and creepy tale set in south during the Great Depression and tells the story of five men plotting the death of a local man they’ve dubbed Bob, even though they don’t know his real name.  They call him Bob because that’s what he calls everyone around town.  He is a man-child, a mentally handicapped man who is huge, eerie, but appears to be harmless on the surface.  But when one of the men finds him leaning over his daughter’s bed one night and throws Bob outside, only to find giant back inside, he suggests to his friends that they kill Bob, or do something else to (at the very least) dissuade him from doing any other disturbing things.  There are other rumors of Bob showing up in one place and then disappearing, and of things happening around him that are horrific, like the death of someone’s dog that is graphic and grotesque.

Things go wrong as the men continue to hatch their plot to put a stop to Bob and as they carry it out.  While the truth is somewhat muddled, it is clear that there is more to Bob than meets the eye.  This is a short story, and as such the author leaves out details that might reveal more about the nature of Bob and the supernatural shadowing effect that seems to surround him.  That serves the purpose of keeping things a mystery, even as more is revealed about the man who seems to be everywhere and nowhere at once.

A good, creative short story.  I do wish there were more details laid out there, but the author’s ability to set a scene and pull you into it as a reader gives this little tale a potent punch.

The 5000 Fingers of Bob can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/The-5000-Fingers-Bob-ebook/dp/B007FYBBQG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340113984&sr=8-1&keywords=the+5000+fingers+of+bob

Cover to “Zombies Gone Wild” Anthology released!

I’ve wanted to show off this wacky cover for some time, but it just became official.  I don’t really have a good explanation for this anthology, as far as all the types of stories it includes, but I know that my story, “What’s Eating You?” is a pretty twisted and darkly comedic zombie tale not for the faint of heart or squeamish.  So my guess is that since the publisher indicated that my tale was just the type they were looking for that this book is filled with a plethora of twisted and darkly comedic zombie tales.  Well, you can look at the cover and see that much, right?

More details to come, as the table of contents should be released fairly soon for Zombies Gone Wild.


Review of Dean Giles “Alien Apocalypse: Genesis”

Dean Giles has crafted what amounts to a serial production of an alien invasion, releasing it as short stories with two installations thus far, along with a brief prequel that is included with Alien Apocalypse: Genesis.  The story is about Leon, a father imprisoned for manslaughter after he kills his wife’s murderer, and Elliot, his son, who has to live with his aunt and uncle on their farm until his father’s four year sentence is complete.  Nearing the end of his term of imprisonment, Leon has to deal with a comet that is passing close to Earth’s atmosphere and the fact that an alien presence that has hitched a ride on the comet has invaded earth, devouring virtually everything in its path and wiping out everyone in his prison except for him and a couple of other people.  The first short story, Alien Apocalypse: The Storm, tells the tale of his efforts to find Elliot and figure out how they can escape the encroaching alien growth, which has the ability to transform itself into a wide array of genetic hybrids that are capable of tearing apart just about anything to get to the human flesh it craves.  Leon and Elliot discover that the only thing that seems able to stop the alien assault is oil, which keeps the alien growth at bay.  In this chapter of the saga, Leon and his son make their way to an oil refinery, which seems like the safest place given the alien’s weakness and might provide them with a weapon to fight back.  Upon arrival at the refinery, they discover other survivors who have taken over and have enslaved several other people.  Leon and Elliot work to free these prisoners but only manage to provide an escape for one of them, a woman who has lost her memory who they dub Isabella until she can tell them her real name.  The author also shares insights into the alien hive mind and how it thinks throughout the story, letting the reader know what its plans are for the human race.

Alien Apocalypse is an entertaining sci fi outing that, so far, has me intrigued.  I am interested in where things go from here, with genetic replicas being created of human beings that, when separated from the hive mind, seem to have desires and yearnings of their own that tend to contradict the ancient alien they came from.  I for one am very interested in seeing where this story leads and look forward to the next chapter.

Alien Apocalypse: Genesis can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Apocalypse-Genesis-ebook/dp/B007EG96WQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1338336404&sr=1-1

Review of Mandy DeGeit’s “She Makes Me Smile”

She Makes Me Smile has gotten a lot of press based on what a particular publisher did under the guise of editing this work, which originally appeared in an anthology.  I won’t get into details of this here, because there are plenty of explanations out there, including one from the author included with this story.  Suffice it to say, I am happy that the author has had the chance to reveal her story to the public without the adornments installed by others who sought to change her work into something completely different.

She Makes Me Smile is a story told in first person about two people, one of which is bound and gagged and sitting on a couch while the other puzzles over why they have done this horrible act to their one and only friend.  There is confusion on their part, though emotions in general are something they don’t really experience…at least not until the urge to tie up their friend and do even worse things to them occurs.  That is where the title of the story comes in to play.

This is a simple story, unencumbered by complex details.  While the past of the character who narrates is touched upon, no depth of detail yields explanation as to why they’ve crossed the line.  And while their victim is definitely female, we don’t know if the main character is a man or a woman, so it is also impossible for us to interpret things based on perceived gender roles.  The simple elements of this story make it work, and made me curious.  We readers tend to want to fill in the blanks on a tale-anything an author leaves out.  Mandy DeGeit has given us a very sparsely drawn on canvas here, which allowed the dark avenues of my own mind to fill in all the gaps.  Simple, sparse, and yet effectively disturbing.

You can find She Makes Me Smile here: http://www.amazon.com/She-Makes-Me-Smile-ebook/dp/B0085KMVAO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338051843&sr=8-1

Review of Suzanne Robb’s “Were-Wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutations, Oh My!”

Were-Wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutations, Oh My! is a trilogy of short stories by Suzanne Robb, author of Z-Boat, a zombie novel set in the dark depths of the ocean, as well as a wide array of strange and twisty short stories with a horror and fantasy bent to them.  These three stories fit right in with what the fan’s of Robb has come to expect.  In “Welcome To The Future” she explores a near future filled with disastrous attempts at genetic manipulations to the human body.  We get to see plenty of failings and know why the whole idea of mutation is abhorred.  Along comes a teenage boy whose parents and teachers have given up on him.  He has even given up on himself until a doctor provides him with a solution to all his problems that promises to make him the smartest man in the world.  Naturally, things don’t go quite as planned, and all hell breaks loose.  In “The Moonlight Killer” we are given a story that turns the traditional werewolf tale on its ear with man-bites-wolf repercussions.  A really twisty, humorous tale with plenty of darkness to it.  Finally, in “B.I.T.E.” the reader is introduced to world on the very brink of Apocalypse, with strange beasties boiling up through the ground including massive man-eating squirrels, cobra-men, and minions…lots of minions.  That plus a mother and daughter who are bound and determined to stop the end of the world, no matter how dysfunctional they appear to be.

These stories have an interesting flavor that I would call Robb-ish, in that they not only give you some good scares, they also have some wicked dark humor to them that make you snicker while feeling a bit uncomfortable with the circumstances the characters are going through.  These are quick, entertaining reads for those of you looking for a tidy little dose of scary fun from an up and coming author.

You can find Were-Wolves, Apocalypses, and Genetic Mutations, Oh My! here: http://www.amazon.com/Were-wolves-Apocalypses-Genetic-Mutation-ebook/dp/B006SBC2UQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1336948427&sr=1-1

“Read The End First” now available over at Amazon!

Another project I worked on and am very excited about has come to fruition and is now available over on Amazon.  Read The End First has the unique premise of showcasing 24 different tales of the end of the world, each based in a different time zone.  Because of the nature of the project, this was an invite only anthology, and each author had to pick a particular time zone and write a story that would make sense given their location on the globe.  My particular story takes place in Bethlehem and is entitled “What Rough Beast.”  You’ll just have to guess at what the story is all about.

So check this one out, there is a great list of authors involved, including Stephen North, Suzanne Robb (who edited it), Michael S. Gardner, Rebecca Snow, A.J. French, Craig Saunders, John McCuaig, David Dunwoody, Wayne Goodchild, Adrian Chamberlain, D.A. Chaney, Hollie Snider, William Todd Rose, and many more that I apologize I can’t remember right off the top of my head.

So click on the cover and head on over to Amazon to check out your very own copy of Read The End First.


Fellow author Suzanne Robb interviews me on her blog.

I got the chance to answer a few questions (in my normally snarky way) that fellow author, and editor, Suzanne Robb came up with for me.  You may know Suzanne from her fantastic book, “Z-Boat”, or because of her numerous other short story projects.  She is in the process of editing an anthology that I have a privilege of being a part of entitled “Read The End First”, which is about 24 different tales about the end of the world…one specific to each time zone.  That should be coming out soon, and more details on that later.  But enough about Suzanne!  Check out her interview of yours truly over on her blog:  http://suzannerobb.blogspot.ca/2012/04/paatrick-dorazio-his-thoughts-on.html, and check out some of Suzanne’s stories as well!

Zombie: The Other Fright Meat is now on Amazon!

Well, it didn’t take long for this one to make its way over from Createspace over to Amazon.  Since Amazon is easier to deal with as far as ordering is concerned, please check this book out there.  As I have mentioned before, it contains one of my favorite short stories I have ever written, Cicada.  It is a story about generations that live before, during, and after the zombie apocalypse, told in relation to the appearance of Cicadas-a particular species that comes about every 17 years.  It is a tale that speaks of generations-fathers to sons, and how life begins anew, even when there is death all around you.

So please check out Zombie: The Other Fright Meat, which also contains stories from a great list of other authors who love to write traditional tales of zombies, when so many other monsters are “selling out” and going out and doing teen romances and such.   Just click on the cover image to head on over to Amazon.  Thanks!

Zombie: The Other Fright Meat-An anthology of zombie tales, has been released on Createspace

Norgus Press has released an anthology that I have been anticipating for quite some time now, because it contains one of my favorite tales of the undead that I’ve ever written.  Zombie: The Other Fright Meat contains a wide assortment of tradition zombie tales…mainly in response to other well known monster types going all Hollywood.

Here is the description:

You can’t live with ’em…
At least not without getting a chunk bitten out of ya.
But we here at NorGus can’t live without ’em!
And who’d want to?
In a world where vampires sparkle in the sun instead of roasting like pigs at a barbeque
and werewolves run around with capri pants and washboard abs,
It’s nice that we can fall back on zombies to actually be monsters!

I am happy that my story, Cicada, has found a home in this anthology.  I wrote this tale with no plans for it to get published originally.  It was one I wrote as one of my first short stories about zombies that stood separate from my novels, and it was one I felt compelled to write.  The basic gist of my tale is that the world-and life-runs in cycles, and cicadas, as insects that come up out of the ground on a specific schedule with numerous years between each visit, would serve as a way to ‘check in’ on the world alongside them.  The particular Cicada’s that I write about are the ones that appear where I live, in Southwest Ohio, and they appear once very seventeen years.  With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to show how the human race goes from living in normal times to living at the very dawn of the zombie apocalypse, to years later, when much of the human race has been wiped out, and then again, when the human race is fighting its way back to dominance over the dead.  The story shows brief moments in time, and tracks different generations of the same family, fathers to sons, and how they cope with death, life, and rebirth, just as the cicadas do, time after time.

Again, this story has always been one I have been very fond of, and am proud that it resides in this anthology.  So please check it out…either over on Createspace or when it hits Amazon here in the next couple of weeks.  Just click on the cover art to head on over to Createspace to order your copy.  Thanks!

Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space is now available on Amazon!

I’m proud to announce that Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space has been released and is available over on Amazon.  This book details those first plans where the aliens tried to prevent humanity from destroying the universe before their infamous raising of the dead experiment documented in the movie from Ed Wood Jr., Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Tony Schaab has brought together a bunch of fantastic authors to tell the tales that record our interactions with the alien beings who are fearful we will invent the substance that has the power to ignite the sun and destroy us all.  Certainly, their efforts with Plan 9 were a miserable failure, but what came before?  What attempts did they make in our past to try and curb our lust for violence and destruction?

Check out Before Plan 9, which includes my retelling of the Odyssey, aka Plan 1.  Just click on the book cover to be directed over to Amazon to get your copy today.  Oh, and make sure you keep watching the skies, because the aliens are sure to return!

Here is the table of contents of this very fun and exciting new book:

Plan Zero from the Mesozoic Era by Tony Schaab
Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of The Odyssey by Patrick D’Orazio
Plan 2 from Ancient Egypt by D.A. Chaney
Plan 3 from the Middle Ages of Hamelin by Greg Carter
Plan 4 from the Clockwork Country by Tonia Brown
Plan 5 from the Depressing Depression by David Dunwoody
Plan 6 from the Nazi Regime by Rob Silvera
Plan 7 from Sin City by Jonathan Maberry
Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 1 by Craig DiLouie
Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 2 by Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty

Review of Alien Apocalypse-The Storm by Dean Giles

Alien Apocalypse-The Storm is a short story that takes place just as a comet is cutting a close path near the earth. Something has been hanging out on the comet, and comes down to earth, covering everything with a green mold like growth that devours everything living in its path. The story splits perspectives between Leon, a father imprisoned for manslaughter and just about to fulfill his term, and his son, Elliot, who is living with his aunt and uncle, waiting for his dad to be released. Leon is stuck in solitary confinement during the initial landing of the green growth that carves a swath of destruction through the prison. Only the prison guard who comes into his cell and a woman who is a clerk at the prison who hid in locker manage to avoid the mayhem. Elliot, living on a remote farm, also escapes the first wave of destruction, and the hunt is on for Leon, now freed from prison, to get to his son in time before everything is destroyed.
This is a fast paced, nicely done apocalyptic short story, with a promise for more to come from the author. For a brief tale, Leon, the father, is developed nicely as a character you can appreciate and the author tosses some nice twists into a tale whose main villain is a moss-like substance. Overall, plenty of fun, and I will be interested to see where Dean Giles takes things from here.

Alien Apocalypse-The Storm can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Apocalypse-The-Storm-ebook/dp/B005JE2W7Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1331961140&sr=1-1 

Dark Dispatches is now available on Amazon!

I’m pretty excited about a newly release anthology that one of my short stories appears in.  I had the opportunity to write a story that was a bit different for me, though at the same time, still shared a bit of DNA with many of the other stories I’ve written over the years.  This particular one was originally intended for another anthology, and fit the it to a T.  Unfortunately, before that particular anthology got very far, it was cancelled by the publisher.  I was ‘stuck’ with this story at that point, which was unfortunate, because I thought it was one of my better tales.  It was my effort at writing a war story set in the future, but having some very traditional horror elements to it-a particular menace that I had never written a story about before, and was a new challenge for me.  So when I heard about Static Movement producing an anthology entitled Dark Dispatches, which wanted tales of war, real or imagined, here on Earth or elsewhere, in any time period–past, present or future, I knew my story might have a second life.  So I submitted my tale, entitled “One Shot, One Kill”, and George Wilhite, the editor, responded within a couple of days, snatching it up.

And now this tale has been released to Amazon, and I am asking you to check it out.  I’m not sure how Static Movement works on ebooks, but the paperback version is now available.  Keep an eye on the link for further information on the kindle release, and probably over on smashwords for other ebook releases.

I would ask that you consider getting a copy of this book in paperback-a slew of war stories that contain supernatural, alien, and plain old human warriors-all with compelling story lines.  I have had the privilege of reading one of the other tales in this book already, by Richard Marsden, and I can tell you that it is excellent.  Well worth the price of admission for these two tales alone…but there are many, many more!

So go ahead: click the picture, and head on over to Amazon to pick up your copy of Dark Dispatches.  Thanks!


Review of “Candy” by Gerald Dean Rice

Candy is actually the title of the first of two short stories in this Kindle download, with the second entitled “Mr. Cumberland’s Last Magic Show.” Since they are short stories, it’s difficult to do more than give a brief description of both stories without giving too much away. Candy is about a man who has always been faithful to his wife, despite a lack of a love life between them. When a beautiful girl walks into the diner he’s sitting in and aggressively propositions him, he has no choice but to follow her up to her hotel room. Last Magic Shows tells the tale of Floyd, a magician who has a knack for making things disappear and reappear. But the real trick is that his magic is real, what he is capable of doing with that magic terrifies him.
Both stories have a bit of madness to them-twisty darkness with endings that stick with you after you’ve finished reading them. Candy starts out as a pretty straight-laced adultery story with a disturbing completion that might give potential cheaters pause. Magic was my favorite of the two tales, with a surreal quality to it that remains throughout, growing more intriguingly wicked as it comes to a conclusion.
For the price, it’s a bargain to check out these two well written stories by an up and coming independent writer.

Candy can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Candy-ebook/dp/B006JT5U1K/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1330304403&sr=1-8

Review of Peter Clines’ “The Junkie Quatrain”

The Junkie Quatrain consists of four short stories that are intermingled much like Quentin Tarantino did when he crafted Pulp Fiction, and even Resevoir Dogs. Each story has characters that pop up in the other stories, and reading all four brings them all together nicely. Of course, it is important to note that you can read them in any order, and in fact, while they naturally appear in a certain order in the ebook format, the author encourages you to roll the dice when you decide which story to read first, second, third, and fourth and I tend to agree with that recommendation.
To give a brief synopsis, these stories take place about six months after the start of a viral plague that turns its victims into jittering, verbally mush mouthed monsters that twitch and move around like their drug addicts-thus the nickname “junkies”. Since this is in the vein of ‘infected’ or ‘zombie’ tales, they are also ravenous and go nuts when they see the uninfected. It should be noted that they also attack each other on occasion-they travel in packs, and some seem to be set upon by members of these packs. This includes the injured and the weak.
The four stories found here were used separately as additional audio tales for the author’s novels when they were transformed into their audio versions. Together, they amount to a novella, and one that reads fast and with an incredible amount of energy to them all. In my humble opinion they fit together perfectly, with each additional tale adding layers to one complete and complex story that takes place over the course of a couple of days in an apocalypse torn LA. One story deals with a woman who is a loner trying to find a place off the streets and away from the junkies, though she has a certain amount of admiration for the creatures and their ability to work together in packs. Another story deals with ‘Outsiders’ who are willing to go out into the world to gather supplies for those who hide away in barricaded fortresses to protect themselves from the junkies. The third tale is of a young doctor and top virologist who is called to LA by the government to help find a cure for this plague, though things aren’t quite that simple. The final story tells of a man who once made his living as an assassin, but now just has a bone to pick with some folks who decided to steal a prized possession of his from one of his hideouts in LA.
Peter Clines has done a bang up job with both his Zombie/superhero novels and appears to have outdone himself here, with each of these tasty apocalyptic tidbits.

You can find The Junkie Quatrain here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Junkie-Quatrain-ebook/dp/B006XJW1AE/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1330142571&sr=1-1

Review of Craig Jones’ “What Happened to Rhodri”

Rhodri is a young man living with his girlfriend, and they have dreams of getting married and moving into their “forever house,” an expensive home next to a lake that has come on the market. They can afford the down payment with the amount of money they’ve saved as well as the monthly payments, by Rhodri’s calculations. The house represents everything that the couple could ever hope for. Alas, Rhodri’s girlfriend has been suckered into ‘loaning’ the money to her no-good brother, who is an intimidating gangster. Rhodri is advised by her as well as his closest friend not to make waves and give up on the dream of owning the house, rather than messing with the thuggish brother that is likely to squash him into oblivion if he stands up to him. But at some point in life, you have to make a stand, and do what’s right, despite the odds being stacked against you.
Of course, as you can probably surmise, things don’t go well for Rhodri, and the bulk of this tale deals with things…after they take a horrible turn for the worse.
This short story is a mix of a creepy zombie scares and a classic revenge story. The pacing is solid and I really was able to empathize with Rhodri, rooting for him even as he turns into more of a monster than the enemy he is facing (at least more of a monster on the outside). The story was fun and reminded me of an old episode of Tales From the Crypt, with just the right amount of twists and turns and splashed with plenty of gory fun to boot. The ending caused an devious grin to spread across my face. It, like the rest of story, was eminently satisfying.

What Happened to Rhodri can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/What-Happened-to-Rhodri-ebook/dp/B004UB3GY2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328747973&sr=8-1

Cover of “Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space” revealed!

A while back, I had the opportunity to write a story for a new anthology based on an old movie.  Let me correct myself.  It was an old, bad movie.  Not just any bad movie, but THE bad movie.  The one that is so bad it has gotten awards for being the worst movie ever made, and because of that, has become a cult classic in the minds of people everywhere.  Heck, they made a movie about the guy who made this movie because this movie was so bad, and this guy was so good at making bad movies and THAT movie even won an academy award.  Strange, huh?  A movie about a movie that is bad winning an academy award.  Go figure.

Well, I’m not trying to keep any secrets here, since everyone can guess based on the title of this post what movie I’m talking about.  It is Ed Wood Jr.’s classic Plan 9 from Outer Space.  Tony Schaab, who runs Twinstar Media, as a huge fan of the movie and someone who is involved in the novelization of the script as well as a remake of the movie, came up with an intriguing question: if the movie shows what Plan 9 was from the aliens, which failed so miserably, what were their first 8 plans to conquer earth?  Well, maybe not to conquer earth, but to prevent us from making a solarnite bomb.  And if you don’t know what a solarnite bomb is, go look for Plan 9 on Youtube-you can watch the entire movie in all its wretched glory free of charge.

Thus was born the idea behind Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space.  I’m proud to be a part of this project and to have the chance to pay homage to one of the worst movies of all time with what I hope isn’t one of the worst short stories of all time, heh.  My little story has the honor of being Plan 1, if you can believe it!  It is entitled: Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of The Odyssey.  Yep, these aliens have been bugging us humans since the days of Greek heroes like Odysseus.

Here is the full table of contents:

  • Plan Zero from the Mesozoic Era by Tony Schaab
  • Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of The Odyssey by Patrick D’Orazio
  • Plan 2 from Ancient Egypt by D.A. Chaney
  • Plan 3 from the Middle Ages of Hamelin by Greg Carter
  • Plan 4 from the Clockwork Country by Tonia Brown
  • Plan 5 from the Depressing Depression by David Dunwoody
  • Plan 6 from the Nazi Regime by Rob Silvera
  • Plan 7 from Sin City by Jonathan Maberry
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 1 by Craig DiLouie
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 2 by Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty
Before I reveal the cover of this beauty, done by the wonderful artist who did the covers of my three books (Philip R. Rogers), I want to show the original movie poster for Plan 9, just to give you more of an appreciation for what Philip managed to do here.
Now check out the book cover.
Pretty cool, huh?
This book is scheduled for a late March release, so you won’t have to wait long to check out all this Plans 1-8 goodness!  More details to come!

Review of Brandy De Cusack’s “Incurable”

Incurable is a short story that takes place in the somewhat near future and tells the tale of Jesse, a young woman living in London who abruptly announces in the first sentence that she has murdered her husband. Sure, he was hungry and looking to eat her, but it was still homicide, nonetheless. Craig, her deceased spouse, does not go down easily, either. The author provides us with a fairly graphic depiction of what Jesse is forced to do to put Craig to rest, and what she is forced to do with his body after he finally stops twitching. From there, this tale only gets bloodier, more gruesome, and more fun…at least if you are in to things like that.
Incurable, as I’ve mentioned, is set in the near future, which gives it an almost surreal vibe with hints of new technologies and a world in turmoil (much like our own, but distinctly different). The main character sits in her house watching 3D virtual reality television shows that depict the world falling apart and she is immersed in the images-they surround her and permeate her, in more ways than one. She is, after all, transforming into something else, due to her very physical battle with Craig. And what a transformation it is. This story does fall into the category of an undead tale, though what Jesse is becoming is not quite a zombie, instead more of a mutation that is quite fascinating. She does hunger for fresh meat, but remains cognizant of who she is what she is doing. In many ways, the author has created a new monster far more sinister and powerful than any zombie could ever be.
The story moves at a rapid clip-again, this is a short story, so there is very little filler here, and we get to watch as Jesse understands not only what she is becoming, but what she must do to survive…and that is where things get even more bloodier, and more gruesome. This was a compelling little romp that could easily be expanded into something much larger than a short story, but at its length had an impact that felt like a swift punch to the gut as I read it. A good zombie/infected tale definitely worth checking out.

Incurable can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Incurable-ebook/dp/B0064OGOY2/ref=sr_1_13?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1325723993&sr=1-13

“Live and Let Undead” is available on Amazon!

Live and Let Undead, an anthology with my tale “Legacy,” has been released and is now available over on Amazon.  Just click the cover image and you’ll be heading over there so you can check it out for yourself.


I am really excited about this anthology.  The story I wrote was truly inspired, and I wrote the first draft faster than any other story I’ve written.  I loved the concept of this anthology: the idea of zombies not being the enemy, but being our domestic servants, much like you’ll find in the movie Fido.  Of course, I suspect there were a lot of different takes on this particular concept.  My story is certainly not what you might expect, or at least I hope not!

I think that any true zombie fan will love this one, and should give it a shot.  Check out the description from the back cover, including the list of authors who contributed to this collection.  I’m sure you’ll recognize a name or two on the list…or several.


The Zombie-pocalypse is real!  Loved ones are returning from the grave in search of flesh and brains!  Humans are running scared!

Aren’t they?

Here, rather than shooting them in the head, eighteen talented authors have figured out how to put the Undead to work.  Zombies can now be contributing members to society once more.

Looking for some customer service help?  ”Operators” from AM Burns, has just the call center crew for you.  Need road repairs?  Check out the workers in Mike Baretta’s “Memorial Day.”  How about a solution for all those bombs, drugs, and other nasty stuff crossing through our seaports?  Matt Adams’ Sparky can take care of it in “Sparky Save The World.”

These stories, and others, from authors-

Rebecca Snow

Keith Gouveia

Barry Rosenberg

Suzanne Robb

Patrick D’Orazio

Janet Tait

JW Schnarr

Brian Johnson

Steve Ruthenbeck

Daniel Robichaud

Brook Fabian

Jeff Chitty

HE Roulo

Peter Giglio


Eric Juneau

-will have you wishing for a zombie of your own.


My interview with Hydra Publications

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Frank Hall, a good friend of mine who runs Hydra Publications, a small press from Indiana that focuses on speculative fiction.  I did an interview with him, which was a lot of fun, and we chatted about my projects, past, present, and future.

It was a lot of fun, and it is posted over at their website.  You can check it out here:  http://www.hydrapublications.com/2011/12/26/interview-with-patrick-dorazio/

Review of Z Magazine-the first magazine written by zombies for zombies

I was provided Z Magazine for review purposes and I was blown away by it. For anyone who is a fan of zombies, this is one of those items that goes into the collection and more than likely gets put in an airtight plastic bag so you can save it for years to come. The creators of this magazine, one of which is Eloise Knapp, who wrote the very entertaining The Undead Situation, did an incredible job. I typically try to avoid gushing when it comes to a review of zombie related material, but I can’t say that I have ever seen something quite like this. The magazine is full sized (a bit over 8 1/2″ by 11″) and every last bit of it, down to the advertisements and want ads (plus personals, etc) are zombie related. This is truly a magazine for the undead…and fans of the undead, with advice on how zombies can interact with the living in social situations, recipes to spice up that brain tartar, inspirational tales including how Z’s can be for Jesus, job suggestions for the undead, and a big spread on zombie models and fashion. The magazine is chock full of much more, and each page was a delight to check out.
My understanding is that Eloise Knapp is studying graphic design in college currently, and if this is what she has to show for her efforts thus far, she has a very prosperous career ahead of her, along with her writing talent taking her places as well.

You can get Z Magazine  over at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Magazine-First-Written-Zombies/dp/B0062FUSRM/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1324759690&sr=1-1