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Night of the Living Podcast reviews Beyond The Dark

If you want to get a hilarious, entertaining review of Beyond The Dark that is not quite like the typical written review, then head on over to Night of the Living Podcast and download episode 231.  At about the 38 minute mark, the review of Beyond The Dark starts, and from that point forward, things get crazy.  My thanks to the folks at the podcast for checking all three of the books out and giving them the once over (and me too, with comments about my Italian heritage…but fuggedaboutit!).  Special thanks to Amy for forging ahead with the review as the guys on the podcast do everything they can to derail the discussion.  Again, they are hilarious over there.  So check the review out and check them out in general on their website at: http://www.notlp.com/.  WARNING: The podcast has adult content in it, so it isn’t necessarily work friendly and you might be careful if you have little kids around before you start listening.  Okay, disclaimer over.  Enjoy!

Zombieslam reviews Comes The Dark

It has been a while since I posted a review of Comes The Dark, but not that long ago I was approached by Jessica Martin, one of the people who runs Zombieslam, looking to review the trilogy.  I was happy to obliged, and she now has all three books in her hands.  It is sort of nice to revisit the first book in the trilogy, and getting a brand new perspective from someone just now checking it out.  So here is the review.  I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks of the other two books when she has the opportunity to read them as well.  http://zombieslam.com/2011/06/comes-the-dark-by-patrick-dorazio/

Review of The Dark Trilogy and Interview of yours truly on Zombiephiles

Ursula K. Raphael has reviewed all three of the books in my trilogy for Zombiephiles.  When I asked her to check out the kindle version of The Dark Trilogy because of the addition of the fourth book of short stories (aka Dark Stories) she was more than happy to do so, and now she has taken the time to give a review of that book as well over on Zombiephiles.  But she didn’t stop there.  She also asked me a few questions about the trilogy and my writing experiences in general and posted it over on the site as well.  It was fun answering her questions and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to read not only the trilogy but a book of extra stories about that universe I created for these characters.  So give it a looksee here:  http://www.zombiephiles.com/zombies-ate-my-brains/beyond-the-dark-end-of-the-dark-trilogy-by-dorazio-interview and once again, think about checking out The Dark Trilogy for the kindle, or if you have a different e-reader, head on over to smashwords to check it out.  Of course, all three paperbacks are available as well for you folks that don’t like e-readers, so check those out as well!

Another Review! Sonar 4 Reviews Beyond The Dark

I must be missing a step here or there.  I hadn’t seen the review of Beyond The Dark from Sonar 4 Landing Dock when it was first posted, so I am bringing attention to it now.  My apologies for being a slow poke, but it is another one that really gave the most kudos to the third book in the trilogy.  I know it sounds like a broken record, but please feel free to check it out for yourself…and if you need more encouragement to do so, here ya go:  http://sonar4landingdockreviews.blogspot.com/2011/05/beyond-dark-by-patrick-dorazio-review.html

Buy Zombie reviews “Beyond The Dark”

Buy Zombie, which has been so kind as to review the first two books of The Dark Trilogy, has reviewed Beyond The Dark and the verdict was quite positive.  The reviewer, who has some criticisms of my first two books (criticisms that I took well in stride, and appreciated his candor about his view of the books), really appears to be blown away by the third installment of the trilogy.  Pretty much everyone who has read this book has declared it the best of the three, and as I have mentioned, I would toss my vote in with the rest.  So without further ado, check out the review here:  http://www.buyzombie.com/2011/06/13/reviews-of-zombie-related-things/beyond-the-dark-review/

Monster Librarian Reviews “Into The Dark”

Taking a step back from reviews of Beyond The Dark, here is a review of Into the Dark  from Monster Librarian, which indicated that this book takes things a step beyond the first in character development.  I hope they will be reviewing Beyond The Dark  as well, and look forward to see what they think of that one.  Check out the review here:  http://monsterlibrarian.com/zombies.htm#Into_The_Dark_by_Patrick_DOrazio

Dollar Bin Horror Reviews Beyond The Dark!

The review keep rolling in, and so far, it seems that everyone has agreed that Beyond The Dark  is the best book of the trilogy.  Dollar Bin Horror has taken their swipe at it, and they seem to enjoy the rapid pace of the action taking place in the final chapter of the saga.  That seems to be a consensus: there is no real stopping point to take a breather, and that was how I intended it.  I let the audience perhaps catch their breath a bit at times in Into The Dark, but this last piece of the puzzle moves at a clip that keeps things popping the whole time.  So check out the review, and my thanks to Rhonny Reaper and the rest of the folks over at Dollar Bin for having read my trilogy and writing reviews of all three books.  They’re great people over there with a terrific website, so don’t only take a look at this review, but everything else they have to offer:  http://dollarbinhorror.blogspot.com/2011/05/dollar-bin-horror-spotlight-beyond-dark.html

Heather Faville at Doubleshot Reviews gives “Beyond The Dark” the once over

Okay, so now I guess it’s official.  More than just a couple of reviewers have stated that Beyond The Dark is the best of the trilogy (which I happen to agree with), so I guess I wasn’t just imagining things when I first started thinking that shortly after finishing that book up.  The latest reviewer to offer up that opinion is Heather Faville over at Doubleshot Reviews.  She states that Beyond The Dark grabs you by the ears and does not let go, among other things.  Quite a compliment.  She also is kind enough to offer up links to the other two reviews she did of the trilogy.  So check out the full review here: http://doubleshotreviews.com/2011/05/29/beyond-the-dark-by-patrick-dorazio/.

New review for Beyond the Dark up at Living Dead Media

Another review has been posted for Beyond The Dark, this one over at Living Dead Media.  Their reviews for Comes The Dark and Into The Dark were very positive over there, so it was quite flattering to read that this was their favorite book of the three.  I feel that way myself, so I’m pretty thrilled that I’m not the only one who thinks so.  You can check out the review here: http://www.livingdeadmedia.com/zombie-books-and-fiction/250-beyonddark.html.

I would like to thank Living Dead Media for taking a chance on a newby author and their willingness to not only read my first book, but all three of my books.  Having the opportunity to get the word out to the folks who check out their website for zombie related stuff is priceless.

So if you have been waiting to check out Beyond the Dark, read the review and then pick up the book!  That is, of course, if you’ve already read the first two books in the trilogy.  😉

Review of Keith Adam Luethke’s “Shelter From The Dead”

Shelter from the Dead tells the tale of three survivors after the advent of the zombie apocalypse.  The story starts out by introducing us to Alex, a young man whose uncle, the last of the people he knew or cared for left alive, is being executed by a biker named Graves, who just so happens to be the leader of a gang called the Marauders.  Most of the world is split up into groups of different survivors, many of which are gangs that take what they can to survive, and kill who they need to so they can continue to remain in power.  Graves decides to leave Alex behind, tied up with the zombies moving in, taunting him as he rides off, believing that he’ll be devoured long before he can do anything about the death of his uncle.  The other two survivors that are the main characters in this story are Sarah and Joelle, two women who are in Graves’ gang.  Their story starts out with them on a mission to gather supplies from someone hiding out in a building that refuses to give up or share.  Their mission goes south and they are hounded by both the living and the undead as Joelle breaks her ankle and they are captured by a different gang. In their quest to find their way back to the only safe haven they know, they run into Alex, who keeps his quest for revenge secret, knowing that these two will hopefully lead him back to his prey, Graves.  The three of them form a relationship and team up to find Graves and the rest of the Marauders, who are on the move, heading north for the winter.

Overall, this is fast paced, gory post-apocalyptic thriller and a tale of revenge that gets sidetracked as new loyalties are developed and relationships formed between survivors who are not quite sure who to trust and who to rely upon.  The story was an easy and fast read for me.  The three main characters were interesting, though I couldn’t quite pin down Joelle.  Sarah and Alex are both driven, tough, and focused.  Alex wants revenge no matter what, even as he forms a romantic attachment to Sarah.  Sarah is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and is, in many ways, ruthless about it, no matter who she has to kill.  Joelle, while appearing to be docile throughout a great deal of the story, gives off contradictory signals as to where her loyalties lie.  Even with the acceptance that the men who make up the gang she aligns herself with are murderous rapists and butchers, being with them is still home to her, and her daughter is with them, though in some instances, she seems to forget about the little girl’s existence.  As the book goes on, things become clearer and I gained a better understanding of what she was all about, though I still felt as if she were a bit confusing and unsure about things, all the way until the end of the tale.  It made for an interesting character, though I think she was a bit schizophrenic at times.

I enjoyed this story.  While it breaks no new ground on the zombie front, I am far from being someone who needs or expects that.  I prefer something character driven, and this focused on the three characters through the entire tale but also focused on action that did not let up.  A zombie fan looking for gore and action should be pretty satisfied with this one.  At the same time, as I typically do in a review, I like to point out where I felt were the rough spots in the story for me.  Rape is a major theme in this book, and plays a part from beginning to end.  I accept that rape would play a part in the new and ugly landscape of the world in such an environment, but perhaps not to the extent that the author proposes.  He shows how commonplace the brutality of men can be, but I felt that perhaps it was excessive in the story.  Then again, I have no doubts that a world like that could and would turn many men into animals.  Besides this I had only some minor geographical quibbles that I won’t go into detail on, except to say that being someone who has traveled in the northeastern U.S., I noticed some discrepancies that didn’t really distract from the story itself, but were noticeable.  Don’t take these criticisms as any sort of deal breaker here.  This is an entertaining, gore-drenched zombie tale that any fan of traditional, slow moving undead should enjoy.  The author likes to spread the blood and the viscera around, and like with almost every worthwhile tale of the apocalypse, the real monsters are never the ones that are already dead, but the ones that are still alive.

You can find Shelter From The Dead here: http://www.amazon.com/Shelter-Dead-Keith-Adam-Luethke/dp/145379042X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1305520620&sr=1-1

Ursula K. Raphael gives a big thumbs up to Beyond the Dark!

Well, the first review of Beyond The Dark is in on Amazon, and it is from none other than Ursula K. Raphael, who as many of you may know, is one of the most well known reviewers and fans of zombie lit out there.  So it is quite flattering that she entitled her review “Spectacular End To The Trilogy!”  You can read the rest of her review here:  http://www.amazon.com/review/R3JGJWZA04IAY5/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm and follow the link to check out the book if you haven’t done so already.

The Dark Trilogy is now on Kindle!

Just a brief while after it hit smashwords, my trilogy is now on the kindle!  I am pretty thrilled about this one because it is FINALLY on the kindle, without the errors that the faced the original release of Comes The Dark that led to my publisher and I agreeing not to do any more kindle releases until the entire trilogy was ready to go.  And now, it is ready to go!

Here is the description:

Patrick D’Orazio’s Dark Zombie Trilogy (Comes The Dark, Into The Dark, and Beyond The Dark), was originally released on the Kindle in an unedited form under the first book’s title, Comes The Dark. It is being re-released with the entire trilogy as it was meant to be read: edited and expanded, with additional chapters not appearing in the original Kindle version, along with the Dark Stories that have appeared in the author’s blog that provide a full fourth book of additional stories about many of the secondary characters appearing in the trilogy, including Megan, George, Jason, Michael, and Ben. The Dark Trilogy, Revised, Expanded, and with Additional Stories is over 250,000 words of an intense saga of the zombie apocalypse.
The end came with a whimper, not a bang. The mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world in a matter of days. Everyone who was infected seemed to die…and rise again. Governments collapsed, armies disappeared, and entire civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces. Jeff Blaine had a good life: a beautiful wife, adorable children, and a nice house in the suburbs. He liked his job, loved his family, and spent his lazy suburban Sundays out on the deck, barbecuing with the neighbors. Things were perfect until everything fell apart. And no matter how hard Jeff tried, he could not spare his family from the horrors scratching at the door. Now, with his family gone, his life in ruins, the only thing left is raw anger and pain. As the world continues to sink into darkness, Jeff does as well. So he ventures out into the desolation with no better plan than to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well. But soon Jeff will discover other survivors unwilling to give up. They will force him to decide whether or not to give in to the venom that gnaws at his soul. Should he continue to fight to survive, or succumb to the things in the darkness?

Just click on the picture below and it will send you on over to Amazon so you can pick up a copy:

The Dark Trilogy is on Smashwords!

I am happy to announce that the single download of my entire trilogy, plus all the Dark Stories that I wrote which are associated with the trilogy, is now available for download from Smashwords.

Here is the full description:

Together in one massive tome, Patrick D’Orazio’s Dark Zombie Trilogy: Comes The Dark, Into The Dark, and Beyond The Dark are all contained in this release, along with a fourth book full of additional stories about many of the secondary characters that appear in the trilogy, including Megan, George, Jason, Michael, and Ben. The Dark Trilogy, Revised, Expanded, and with Additional Stories is well over 250,000 words of an intense saga of the zombie apocalypse. 

The end came with a whimper, not a bang. The mysterious virus came out of nowhere and engulfed the world in a matter of days. Everyone who was infected seemed to die…and rise again. Governments collapsed, armies disappeared, and entire civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces. Jeff Blaine had a good life: a beautiful wife, adorable children, and a nice house in the suburbs. He liked his job, loved his family, and spent his lazy summer Sundays out on the deck, barbecuing with the neighbors. Things were perfect until everything fell apart. And no matter how hard Jeff tried, he could not spare his family from the horrors scratching at the door. Now, with his family gone, his life in ruins, the only thing left is raw anger and pain. As the world continues to sink into darkness, Jeff does as well. So he ventures out into the desolation with no better plan than to destroy as many of the monsters that stole his life away before they destroy him as well. But soon Jeff will discover other survivors unwilling to give up. They will force him to decide whether or not to give in to the venom that gnaws at his soul. Should he continue to fight to survive, or succumb to the things in the darkness?

So for those of you who haven’t checked my trilogy as of yet for your e-book reader or just want the story all in one place, this is a great value.  I think it would be about the equivalent of 800-850 pages in length in one paperback, and for $4.99, that is a great deal.

Just click on the cover below to be sent on over to the smashwords link!

Cover and Table of Contents for a new anthology coming soon! Zombidays

Another anthology one of my short stories will be in has  a cover and the Table of Contents to show off, so I wanted to share them here with you.

The Anthology is entitled: Zombidays, Festivities of The Flesheaters.  Each story is shaped around a different holiday, done up Zombie style.  My story is entitled “What a Fool Believes” and is about, you guessed it, April Fool’s Day.

More details to come when this bad boy is ready for release.  For now, check out the cover and the TOC, which includes holidays celebrated around the world!

Table of Contents

Richard Marsden  –  “Revolucion de los Muertos”  –  Day of the Dead
Stephanie Kincaid  –  “Zombie’s First Christmas”  –  Christmas
B. M. Kezar  –  “Inhuman Resources”  –  Thanksgiving & Black Friday
Tonia Brown  –  “Caveat Emptor”  –  Father’s Day
Nic Brown  –  “A Grave St. Patrick’s Day”  –  St Patrick’s Day
Deborah Walker  –  “Burn Bright and Bide”  –  Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night
Bryan Hall  –  “Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate” –  Earth Day
Patrick D ‘ Orazio  –  “What a Fool Believes”  –  April Fools’ Day
Lee Pletzers  –  “He iwi tahi tatso”  –  Waitangi Day
Carey Burns  –  “Time To Eat”  –  4th of July/Independence Day
Derek J. Goodman  –  “If a Tree Falls in a Forest”  –  Arbor Day
Stacey Longo  –  “Zombie Mama”  –  Mother’s Day
Keith Gouveia  –  “Dead Souls”  –  Valentine’s Day
Rob Rosen  –  “Kill Phil”  –  Groundhog Day
Christin Haws  –  “Land of the Voting Dead”  –  Election Day
Morris L. Crisp  –  “Bush Country”  –  Inauguratiion Day
Michael C. Lea  –  “Best Day Ever”  –  New Year’s Day
William Wood  –  “Lest We Forget”  –  Veterans Day

Review of “Into The Dark” over at Doubleshot reviews.

Heather Faville was kind enough to keep on checking out my trilogy with her review of the second book (and she referenced her review of Comes The Dark as well on it), when she posted a review of Into The Dark last night.  I am definitely happy with the review and can’t wait to see what she thinks of Beyond The Dark as well.

Thanks again to Heather and Doubleshot reviews for checking out my trilogy.  You can find the review here:  http://doubleshotreviews.com/2011/04/26/into-the-dark-by-patrick-dorazio/

Beyond The Dark is now on Amazon!

Well, that didn’t take long.  Beyond The Dark has now appeared on Amazon, so if you were waiting for the opportunity to check it out there, it is ready to go!

Just hit the picture and it will take you to where it is on Amazon.

Woo hoo!

Beyond the Dark is now on Createspace!

I am excited to announce that Beyond the Dark has made its way over to Createspace!  That means that in about a week or so, it will be up and running on Amazon.  I don’t have a locked down date on the trilogy coming out on Kindle and Smashwords, but that too will be occurring soon.

So if you are anxious to snag the last book of my trilogy in paperback, head on over to Createspace and check it out.  Just click on the picture below and it will take you right over there.  Of course, if you want to wait for it to hit Amazon, I will be posting here as soon as it is up and running over there as well.

My interview over at the Monkey Faced Demon Blog!

Mr. Moon interviews Patrick D’Orazio.  Yep, the infamous Mr. Jonathan Moon, horror and bizarro writer (and editor) of epic magnitude, took the time out to ask me a few questions.  Some of them were pretty normal, but a few…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  I love the Deathmatch question.  What?  You don’t know what the Deathmatch question is?  Well find out for yourself here:  http://mrmoonblogs.blogspot.com/2011/04/mr-moon-interviews-patrick-dorazio.html.  We talked about not only my books, but my short stories, my influences, and some other righteous topics.

It was a lot of fun checking in with Mr. Moon and I want to thank him for taking the time to do an interview with me that is coinciding with the release of Beyond the Dark.  So please, check it out!

Beyond the Dark is up on Smashwords!

The paperback version of Beyond The Dark, as well as the entire trilogy on Kindle and Smashwords, is coming soon, but the final book of my trilogy is up and running over on Smashwords now for $2.99!  So please check it out.

The proof has been ordered for the paperback, so as long as it looks good, that version will be up and available very soon.  I will keep everyone posted on it as details unfold.  The entire trilogy in ebook form will follow shortly thereafter, and details on that will also be forthcoming.

Until then, here is the description on Beyond The Dark.  Just click on the picture to be sent over to the link on Smashwords to pick up your copy now!


The dead have risen, and their hunger for the flesh of the living is insatiable …

It has been six weeks since the virus engulfed the world.  Everyone who was infected died, and then rose again.  Governments collapsed, armies fell, and civilizations turned to dust as the human race tore itself to pieces.

The living are in danger of becoming extinct …

Jeff Blaine has witnessed the annihilation of his family and everything that mattered to him.  When he steps outside his home for the first time since the world died, he meets Megan, George, and Jason, three other survivors who force him to accept that there may still be a reason to fight and live to see another day.

It doesn’t take long for the quartet to stumble into a trap set by a group led by the charismatic Michael.  While he promises a safe haven from the undead behind the walls of his makeshift fortress, the loyalty he and his cronies demand may be too high a price for Jeff and the others to pay.

Daylight is fading for humanity …

When a routine supply run to a nearby town turns deadly and the ghouls walking the street track the living back to their hideout, the mettle of the meager band of survivors will be tested as they are forced to face the onslaught of the undead.

Even as they flee, and their world falls deeper into despair, Jeff and the others must find a way to defeat not only the undead, but the hatred that threatens to cripple their souls.  Because the only way anyone will survive is if they can find their way beyond the dark.

It slithers towards the light, from Beyond The Darkness…it is almost here!

Well folks, the short delay on Beyond The Dark is almost at an end, with the formatting being completed tonight on the book, there is very little else to do but to put the cover and back cover together and wrap it around a proof, make sure it looks like it should, and then get it out there!

In addition to the final book of my trilogy being released very soon, the Kindle and other ebook form of the entire trilogy will also be released.  It will be entitled The Dark Trilogy: Revised, Expanded, and with Additional Stories.  I know it is a mouthful, but just call it The Dark Trilogy, for short, heh.  My publisher and I have discussed price points for this electronic release and agreed upon $4.99, which will be for over 250,000 words, including the three books plus every last story that appears in the Dark Stories page of this blog…and another little one that doesn’t appear here as well.  250,000 words is a hefty sum, so that price should be a pretty decent one for the zombie fans out there who have e-readers.

I would say that Beyond The Dark should be ready for createspace within the next couple of weeks (and I think perhaps sooner), and then amazon maybe a week or so later.  The kindle version should also be available very soon.

For any of you good folks reading this who haven’t checked out any of my trilogy, check out the first three chapters of Comes The Dark, which I have moved to its own separate page for easy access.  It will give you a taste before you buy.  And then, feel free to hit up my bio page and you can click on the links showing both Comes The Dark and Into The Dark, with Beyond The Dark to soon be joining them.

For now, here are copies of the front cover of Beyond The Dark and a rough up of the back cover as well.  Stay tuned, more will be coming soon as the release happens!

HorrorHound Indianapolis 2011 review

This past weekend, I took part in HorrorHound Indianapolis.  Like the event in Cincinnati, it is three days of organized chaos, with tons of horror fans running around in costumes and makeup checking out vendor booths and getting autographs from some of the more famous (and infamous) stars of the horror genre.  This was their tenth anniversary show and it was jam packed all weekend long.  I got to sit between Tony Schaab of G.O.R.E. Score fame and Dr. Pus’s (aka The Library of the Living Dead) table, which had Doc, Michelle Linhart, and Rich Dalzotto manning the stations.  Also in attendance from the Library of the Living Dead crew were Rob and Laura Best.  We got to see plenty of folks we know from the facebook and the industry, which was a blast, including the folks from Night of the Living Podcast, who were kind enough to post a review of Into The Dark on one of their recent episodes after reviewing Comes The Dark after HorrorHound Cincinnati back in November.

I sold a few books, got to talk about the third book of my trilogy, Beyond The Dark, hung out with some great folks, and took a few pictures of the event.  This was truly a great con and a lot of fun.  I definitely hope I have the opportunity to attend next year as well!

Here are a few of the pics I took at the show.  Forgive the blur-they were taken with my cellphone camera.

Tony Schaab and his brother-in-law Tom, who is also the graphic designer for the covers of his G.O.R.E. Score books.

Rob and Laura Best

Dr. Pus, my publisher, sitting alongside Michelle Linhart and Rich Dalzotto (sorry you can’t see much of them!)

Just a sample of one of the more wild costumes at HorrorHound this year.

…and another wild costume.

In this picture is the famous “Kitty Zombie”, who has his back to the camera.  He is the one with the goggles, armor, and the bald head.  He is a pretty remarkable character, and funny as hell without saying a single intelligible word.


Well, that’s about it for now.  The rest of the pictures I took were sort of blurry or didn’t show anything specifically of interest.  Again, the convention was a lot of fun, and I only wish I could attend more of them after the fun I’ve had at the one in Indy as well as Cinci.

Night of the Living Podcast reviews Into The Dark

The great folks over at Night of the Living Podcast recently reviewed Into The Dark on a recent episode.  The beauty of their audio review is that they rap about their own perspective on the zombie apocalypse and what they would do if it happened to them as they chat about the book.  So it sort of goes from the review, to them joking and asking each other questions about what they would and wouldn’t do if their world ended due to zombies.  It is pretty much a riot of a review.  These guys are very fun to listen to.

Check out Night of the Living Podcast at http://www.notlp.com/.  The review is on episode 219 and starts around thirty six minute mark.  You can download it on itunes and or just listen to it directly from the web if that is your preference.  You should definitely check these guys out, because they are hilarious and make their horror commentary a lot of fun.

HorrorHound Weekend and some notes on Beyond The Dark

Just wanted to post a note tonight since I haven’t posted anything for a bit except an update on the the book signing I did at That Book Place last weekend.  It was a great time with Beth LaFond and Benjamin Rogers, two good friends and fellow authors.  I am hoping to post a bit more here in the upcoming weeks, in particular with details on the release of Beyond The Dark, which has been delayed a little bit due to circumstances beyond my control.  It is pretty much ready to go, including the artwork I have already shared with you all previously for the cover.  I should know a bit more about the release this weekend, when I attend HorrorHound Indianapolis with my publisher, Mike West, aka, Dr. Pus.  He has been buried under with a lot of different projects so the release date on the book has been pushed back.  My hope is for an April release, though I have no fix on it.  The editing is complete, and all that really needs to be done is the formatting, so we are right on the edge of it.

Now, for HorrorHound.  This past November, I attended HorrorHound Cincinnati, which was a great event.  The aforementioned Dr. Pus, Benjamin Rogers, and Beth LaFond were all in attendance, as was Rich Dalzotto, who runs Horror Realm, another great convention that happens in Pittsburgh every September.  It was a great time.  Unfortunately, Ben and Beth won’t be coming to Indy, which saddens me greatly, but the good Dr. will be there, along with Rob Best, his lovely wife, Laura, Rich, and Mr. GORE Score himself, Tony Schaab.  Since this is the 10th Anniversary for HorrorHound, and Indy is their home turf, it should have quite a turnout.  They had over 10,000 people show up last year.

There will be plenty of horror notables there, and while I am not big on getting all the autographs and pictures, it is really cool to see folks walking around that you recognize from a movie or two that you think of quite fondly from your past.  And repeat after me: there is nothing wrong with totally geeking out at a convention!  Absolutely nothing!  So the fact that the guys from Boondock Saints being there makes me giddy is no big deal.

Here is a link for any of you curious about checking out the show if you think you can swing by Indianapolis this weekend.  http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com/ It should be well worth the trip.  I will, of course, be selling copies of my books and signing them, and will be chatting up my upcoming release of Beyond The Dark, which will serve as the finale for my trilogy.  Though…don’t be too sure that after that story is done that this will be the last we will see of the world I created with my Dark trilogy.  I have plans for more…

That leads me to a bit more info on what is going on with me these days.  As some of you may have guessed, I don’t really make my living off of writing (shocking, I know…har har) and I will be starting a new job immediately upon my return from HorrorHound.  I am excited about this opportunity, though I won’t bore any of you with the details.  I think one of the things I will be focusing on more of going forward (besides this new job, of course) is writing novels.  I have been dedicating myself to writing short stories during the release of my trilogy, and it has provided me with about twenty different acceptances over the past year plus, which has been great.  But as much as I love writing short stories, my novel writing has suffered a bit because of that.  Not that I can’t multi task, but I think with the trilogy behind me, I think the desire to get something out there that is a bigger chunk of text will be far greater.  That is my artful way of saying that I will be devoting most of my effort to writing novels for the foreseeable future.  There will be short stories, but not as many-only when the spirit moves me, rather than any submission call that challenges me, which is how I have been approaching it over the last year.  The reality is that most of my stories that have been accepted for publication haven’t been released yet anyway, so there will be plenty of them coming out over the next few months for me to promote here.  And I think that is what I will be blogging about mostly going forward.  Posting excerpts from some of my short stories to hopefully entice a few of you to check out the anthologies they are published in.  Anthologies with some really great writers that I am privileged to share the table of contents with.  I have been really proud of not only my work, but of the company I have been able to keep in this anthos.

I will be posting pictures from HorrorHound and doing a follow up on the show sometime next week, and then I will be doing my best to post something at least once a week here from now on…hopefully some new writing for all of you to check out.

Again, check out the HorrorHound page and I hope to see you at the show!

5th Anniversary Author’s Fair at That Book Place this Saturday

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to That Book Place, a new and used book store in Madison, Indiana, with my good friends Ben Rogers and Beth LaFond, where we were able to promote, sell, and sign copies of our books.  It was a blast getting the chance to hang out with the customers and owners of the book store, and I was hoping to have the chance to swing back by down the road.  Well, that time has come, and this Saturday, Ben, Beth, me, and a whole bunch of other authors will be hanging out at their fifth Anniversary celebration from 11-5.  They are located at 337 Clifty Drive in Madison, and it sounds like they have done quite a few renovations to the place to make it bigger and better.  There will also be music all day long, which will make it even more of a festive atmosphere.  So if you are any where near Madison, Indiana, this Saturday, head on over and check out some of their outrageously good deals on books That Book Place has as well as getting the chance to have copies of your books from the various authors in attendance signed.  Here is a link on Facebook with more details:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188601541151430.

I know Ben, Beth, and I all have books as well as upcoming books to promote, and I am sure we, along with everyone else who is there, would enjoy chatting with folks about our writing, the stories ideas we come up with, and what the future has in store for each of us.

I would love to see you there!