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At Hell’s Gates Anthology Book Trailer

Not so long ago, I had the privilege of submitting a short story to the upcoming third installment in the ongoing series of horror anthologies called At Hell’s Gates.  I have reviewed the first two books, At Hell’s Gates: Existing Worlds and At Hell’s Gates: Origins of Evil (both reviews can be found here, on my blog).  I had a short story that I felt fit the theme of book three, At Hell’s Gates: Bound By Blood.  It’s a devious little short I entitled Little Lost Lamb.  Fortunately, it was accepted, and now I have the privilege of being a part of this charity project.

The proceeds from the sales of these books go to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  You can find out more about this worthy cause over on the At Hell’s Gates website: http://athellsgates.com/our-cause/ and donate directly to the cause.  Of course, the hope is that you’ll also buy a few copies of these anthologies.  If you are a fan of horror, they are worth checking out, plus you can feel good for contributing to a great cause as you read a series of twisted and disturbing stories.  And fear not, after the third volume is released, others will be coming, including future themes Fall of Madness and A History of Violence.  

More to come on Volume 3 once it is released-where you can get it, the finalized cover, etc.  But for now, I wanted to share with you a really killer book trailer covering the first three installments in this series.  I would expound further on how killer it is, but instead, I thought I would just share the link so you can go check it out on youtube without further ado: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6XbRnX1gvQ&feature=youtu.be

Book Trailer for “Live and Let Undead”

I wanted to share this cool video promoting one of the anthologies that I recently announced that I am going to be a part of with my short story, “Legacy.”  Peter Giglio, whose own story appears within the pages of Live and Let Undead, created this video for Hollie Snider, who compiled the anthology.  So I wanted to share it here.

Just hit the link and head on over to YouTube:  http://youtu.be/kFkMtCjez4k

Video Trailer for Comes The Dark

Here is my attempt at a video trailer for Comes The Dark.  Many thanks go to Ben Rogers for making my mediocre effort into something presentable.  He did a great job of adding effects and turning this into something compelling.  Enjoy!