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“A Soldier’s Lament” now in e-book form!

I am happy to announce that my short story, A Soldier’s Lament, has been published as an individual story available for sale for your e-book reader.  May December, who originally published the story in their first person zombie anthology, Eyewitness: Zombie, has made it available via Smashwords.  You can check out Fangoria’s review of Eyewitness: Zombie, which specifically mentions A Soldier’s Lament in it, here:  https://patrickdorazio.com/2010/12/04/great-review-of-eye-witness-zombie-on-fangoria/.

I am quite excited about this, and part of the reason I am is because this particular story takes place in the same world as my Dark Trilogy of novels.  Without ruining anything, if you have read Into The Dark, you might recognize a couple of the characters when you check out this short story.

At $2.99, this is a pretty cheap price as well.  So check it out!

There is no specific cover art work for this short story, but the publisher did commission this killer drawing that ties into the story quite well for Eyewitness: Zombie.  Just click on the image to head over to the link at Smashwords.