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Review of “The Revenants-I Kill Monsters” by Tony Monchinski

The Revenants, book two of the I Kill Monsters series, picks up where Fury left off.  Boone has been imprisoned by a vampire lord who is intrigued by the power of his blood and has hand picked him to complete a mission with several of his men.

Much like the first book in this series and the other books I’ve read by Tony Monchinski, the story hovers around New York City, though we depart that area to head over to Europe for a time, and Rainford, the Dark Vampire Lord, takes the reader and Boone on a journey to the distant past, where he relates the story of his history in Russia and the love of his life during his youth as a vampire.  While Boone finds the telling of this tale as he is imprisoned annoying at first, he is sucked into it much like the reader is, seeing things through the eyes of Rainford while he recounts his tragic tale.  But rest assured, this is no sappy romance with Rainford playing the role of tragic hero.  As is the case with Fury, vampires are relentless, vile creatures who have no regard for the living and in many cases no regard for their fellow undead.

The story has numerous plotlines going, all intertwined in different ways, though sometimes it is hard to see the ultimate connections.  As the author has a sizeable series planned, it is clear his plan is to reveal things in dribs and drabs here, and not divulge the meaning behind different portions of the overall story too soon.  Vampires, Furies, and now Revenants are revealed as supernatural creatures here, though it is clear that the Revenants here are not the typical zombies we are used to seeing in books and movies these days, but a more traditional form of enslaved dead.  The world as a whole doesn’t realize they exist, but the author is pulling back the curtain to show us more and more of the dark underbelly of the world.

Tony knows how to spin a complex tale, but therein lays the challenge with reading a book like this.  It was exactly two years ago that I completed the first book, and the extensive secondary stories took some time to come back to my mind after such a long absence.  Reading a complicated tale with sizable time gaps between each chapter makes it tougher to remember all the critical details from the previous book.  But that is not a gripe related to the storytelling or the story itself; it is just a desire for the author to produce these books faster.  Because both have been compelling reads, and I am already anxiously awaiting the third book in the saga.

You can find The Revenants here: http://www.amazon.com/Revenants-Kill-Monsters-Tony-Monchinski/dp/1478204303/ref=sr_1_14?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1351442918&sr=1-14&keywords=tony+monchinski

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