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Review of Bryan Hall’s “Containment Room 7”

DARC12 is a deep space research vessel that is located as close to a black hole as it can without being sucked into it.  Its mission is to do research that is illegal back home (genetic studies, animal experimentation, etc.) as well exploration of distant space.  The DARC vessels have been looking for, and have not found alien life, so when DARC12 finds a strange asteroid nearby that seems to be alive, it is a monumental discovery.  Despite the fact that this living thing appears to be nothing more than some sort of plant life, or so it seems at first, it is brought on board for examination. Not long after it arrives, the people exposed to it-the scientists and the head of security, Wilson, as well as others among the crew, are hearing voices inside their heads-voices the promise peace and happiness or ignite fears and nightmares insides their skulls.  Soon one of the members of the team that handled the alien is murdering at the command of those voices, and Wilson, who is starting to fear that the perhaps the alien presence has something to do with that shocking event, has to figure out what is going on.  But the worst is yet to come, as those killed are coming back to life as they too are called by the alien presence to do its bidding.  They are ravenous, fast moving killers, tearing into anything that crosses their path.

Containment Room 7, which is named for the room where the alien is kept to be studied, is a combination alien and zombie tale of horror that moves at a breakneck pace, giving the reader little to no time to breath as things happen on board this massive research vessel.  I believe the entire story takes place in a little over 24 hours, with madness and the undead spreading through the DARC12 in no time.  Like most horror tales that take place inside a space faring vessel, the cramped conditions and remoteness of their location give the tale a claustrophobic sense to it.

There are four main characters in this story: Wilson, the head of security, Rodney and Colette, two security officers, and Lisa, a biologist.  Of those that survive the onslaught of the murderous fanatics and undead, they appear able to resist the call of the alien in their midst, or so it seems.  They have meager weaponry meant to maintain peace with; a crew of 144 that typically does no worse than have the occasional argument or suicide attempt to keep security busy.  They have repeaters, which amount to b-b gun tazers, and a few batons.  More than enough to stop a human being, but that do little to stop ravenous zombies.

The book is a wild ride, with desperate efforts to try and discover what is going on and then putting a stop to it with enemies coming at the main characters in all directions-the living, the dead, and alien who are all trying to destroy them.  The author leaves plenty of unanswered questions, which is not surprising, though it may be unsatisfying to some readers.  We never really understand much about the alien, including how it can control some minds so effectively while others seem able to resist, what it is transforming into, what its purpose is, or how it can control the dead…but as with the case with both alien and zombie sagas, sometimes those questions are best left unanswered, since this is a tale of unknown terror and trying to flee from it when you are stuck on board ship that offers no real escape at all.  This is a fun, nightmare inducing book-a scary tale worth checking out for both fans of sci fi and zombie horror both.

Containment Room 7 can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Containment-Room-7-Bryan-Hall/dp/193486191X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1326052611&sr=1-1

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