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Zombidays-Festivities of the Flesheaters, has been released!

This one was a long time coming, but I am thrilled to announce the release of the anthology, Zombidays, Fesitivities of the Flesheaters, from Library of the Living Dead.  These stories revolve around the undead (naturally…er, I mean, unnaturally) with different holidays as the backdrop for each story (Ho! Ho!…Ho?).  My story, “What A Fool Believes” has to do with…you guessed it: April Fool’s Day!   Nothing better than prankster zombies!

This anthology is already up on Amazon, so check it out there.  You can head on over by clicking on the picture below.  I myself am looking forward to diving into all the different tales from a slew of great authors who know how to craft a good zombie story.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing zombies with firecrackers, Halloween candy, or a few candy canes!  Just shove an Easter Egg in to each of their eyes…it might not kill ’em, but it’ll sure blind them!

So give it a look, and buy a few copies as stocking stuffers for Christmas…or even to give the kiddees rather than candy on that holiday coming up in a few days…but you better hurry if you wanna do that!  But I would prepare for your house to be egged, because this book is full of tricks…well, and a few treats as well, heh.

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