Writer of Horror Fiction

Monster Librarian Reviews “Beyond The Dark”

Monster Librarian has been kind enough to review all three of my books since their release.  I honestly am not sure how long ago they reviewed Beyond The Dark, but the website indicates that it is a new review, so hopefully not too long ago.  Sometimes I miss these things as I continue to get older and forget to swing around and check out the different website out there I like to peruse on occasion.  But it was worth the wait when you get comments like In a time when zombie novels seem to outnumber all the other types of horror stories out there, Beyond The Dark stands out. I have no problem recommending this book.  And I have no problem urging you to check out the full review.  Unfortunately, it either doesn’t have a direct link or I am too much of a goober to figure it out, but either way, you can head to their main page at http://www.monsterlibrarian.com/main_page.htm, click on the ‘Book Reviews’ header, then click on ‘Adult Horror Fiction’, then ‘Zombies’ and viola, you’re there!

Much thanks to Erik Smith, the reviewer assigned to check out all three of my books for Monster Librarian.  I appreciate the time he took to check out the entire trilogy.

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