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Monkey Faced Demon Blog reviews Beyond the Dark

For some odd reason, I thought Mr. Jonathan Moon had already reviewed Beyond The Dark and posted it.  I think it’s because he did conduct a fun interview with me several months ago, and I guess I must have thought it was all rolled up into one particular segment.  But as I get older, my head gets a bit mushy, so forgive me.  So this review comes a bit later, but all the sweeter for it, since it is so very complimentary of the story.  Like many reviewers, Jon digs the last installment in my trilogy, stating that it is the best of the three, which is always cool to hear for me, because I tend to agree.  So without further ado, check out Mr. Moon’s review right here:  http://mrmoonblogs.blogspot.com/2011/09/mr-moons-reviews-beyond-dark.html.

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