Writer of Horror Fiction

Artwork for the Cover of Collaboration of the Dead

Sometime in the deep murky past, I agreed to be a part of a collaboration of authors who would each take a swipe at a couple of chapters of a zombie book.  All the authors would write one chapter for the first half of the book and then turn around and write a second chapter for the latter half of the book.  Fast forward to today and the book is halfway done (a little bit past that, actually) and my guess is that my second chapter will be coming up in the next few months.  I loved creating the first chapter I did, which was probably longer than what I was asked to produce (over 10k words when they wanted half that…ugh!), but I loved that crazy trip all the authors were taking, and I did my best to start pulling some of the characters together.  The scary part of doing a chapter now is that so much has happened in the story since my last deep dive into this sucker, so keeping track of it all is going to be tricky.  Naturally, as it is a zombie book, people die, so a lot of those characters I worked on before are long gone, and some of the plot twists have been pretty wild as well, so I will have my work cut out for me.  But one day, hopefully not too far down the line, this puppy will be all sewn up and will be produced in ebook and paperback versions for everyone to check out.  Some of the authors have dropped out for various reasons and others have joined the cause, so it has been an even larger collaboration than expected, and that makes it all the more exciting to be a part of.

An artist that I know and love is the one who has created the cover concept, and I am thrilled with it.  Matt Nord, who has been coordinating this project, shows excellent taste by selecting the inimitable Philip R Rogers, who did the artwork for my trilogy as well.  So check this gruesome image out.  More details, naturally, to come in time.  But at this point, I am just getting prepared for when I am called to pick up the pen and write my second chapter for this sucker.  All I can promise at this point is that there will be blood.  Oh yes, there will.  Until then, sink your teeth into this image to get you all riled up for when this puppy goes to print.

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