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Cover for Live and Let Undead revealed.

Well, I was going to wait until the official wrap around cover was released, but I decided I didn’t want to.  There will be a few more tweaks to this one, but I love the artwork, and love my story that appears within its pages.  The title of the book is Live and Let Undead, and as the back cover describes, it is a bit of a different take on the traditional zombie apocalypse story telling.  More details to come on this anthology, and my short story “Legacy” as it gets closer to a release date.

The Zombie-pocalypse is real!  Loved ones are returning from the grave in search of flesh and brains!  Humans are running scared!

Aren’t they?

Here, rather than shooting them in the head, eighteen talented authors have figured out how to put the Undead to work.  Zombies can now be contributing members to society once more.

Looking for some customer service help?  “Operators” from AM Burns, has just the call center crew for you.  Need road repairs?  Check out the workers in Mike Baretta’s “Memorial Day.”  How about a solution for all those bombs, drugs, and other nasty stuff crossing through our seaports?  Matt Adams’ Sparky can take care of it in “Sparky Save The World.”

These stories, and others, from authors-

Rebecca Snow

Keith Gouveia

Barry Rosenberg

Suzanne Robb

Patrick D’Orazio

Janet Tait

JW Schnarr

Brian Johnson

Steve Ruthenbeck

Daniel Robichaud

Brook Fabian

Jeff Chitty

HE Roulo

Peter Giglio


Eric Juneau

-will have you wishing for a zombie of your own.



2 responses

  1. teamfabian@gmail.com

    Hey Patrick! Nice sharing some between the covers time with you. Are you the creator of the cover? If so, my name has an e, it’s Brooke Fabian. If not, hell you can call me Brook. You can even call me Broke. Look forward to reading your story!

    August 31, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    • Brooke,

      Sorry about the typo. I didn’t create the cover…you probably want to give Hollie Snyder a heads up on any glitches with it. Looking forward to sharing a toc with you!

      August 31, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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