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Heather Faville at Doubleshot Reviews gives “Beyond The Dark” the once over

Okay, so now I guess it’s official.  More than just a couple of reviewers have stated that Beyond The Dark is the best of the trilogy (which I happen to agree with), so I guess I wasn’t just imagining things when I first started thinking that shortly after finishing that book up.  The latest reviewer to offer up that opinion is Heather Faville over at Doubleshot Reviews.  She states that Beyond The Dark grabs you by the ears and does not let go, among other things.  Quite a compliment.  She also is kind enough to offer up links to the other two reviews she did of the trilogy.  So check out the full review here: http://doubleshotreviews.com/2011/05/29/beyond-the-dark-by-patrick-dorazio/.

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