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Review of “From Beyond The Mist” by Elizabeth LaFond

I am not a huge poetry aficionado, but on occasion I will check out poetry from a few different sources out there that are related to my interests.  From Beyond the Mist is from the Library of Horror, but most of the poems written here are not of traditional horror, at least not of the supernatural, though there are a few poems of that bent.  Much of what the author provides us with is tastes of reality, seen through the eyes of someone who has experienced despair in their existence.  A poem of something as simple as a leaf growing green and vibrant, only to die in time with no one left interested in the beauty that was once there and others that speak of the death of a loved one, the grief of leaving someone behind, and much more.  Tales of abuse, anger, dreams, nightmares…there is much here that dips into the darkness of the soul.  As I said, some of this is of a supernatural, or horror bent, with a substantial sprinkling of tales of angels, both those from above and those that have fallen, but I think all of us who have dealt with tragedy and hardships will find at least a few different poems here that will touch you personally.
In some spots, I tried to discern the deeper meanings of certain poems, while with others the meaning seemed more clear to me.  I believe there is layers to every one of these tales and each reader has to determine for themselves what meaning they can take from them.  While there is sadness and grim, harsh realities spoken of here, there is also light, and a hope that sparkles through on many pages.  If you are looking for something that speaks of the darker side of reality, and also of the dreams that we try to hide from, check out this book of poems.

You can find From Beyond The Mist here: http://www.amazon.com/Poetry-Beyond-Mist-Elizabeth-LaFond/dp/1460937465/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1301972541&sr=8-1

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