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Night of the Living Podcast reviews Into The Dark

The great folks over at Night of the Living Podcast recently reviewed Into The Dark on a recent episode.  The beauty of their audio review is that they rap about their own perspective on the zombie apocalypse and what they would do if it happened to them as they chat about the book.  So it sort of goes from the review, to them joking and asking each other questions about what they would and wouldn’t do if their world ended due to zombies.  It is pretty much a riot of a review.  These guys are very fun to listen to.

Check out Night of the Living Podcast at http://www.notlp.com/.  The review is on episode 219 and starts around thirty six minute mark.  You can download it on itunes and or just listen to it directly from the web if that is your preference.  You should definitely check these guys out, because they are hilarious and make their horror commentary a lot of fun.

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