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Living Dead Media’s review of Into The Dark

Living Dead Media’s review of Into The Dark has been posted and once again, I am pretty happy at the reception the second book in my trilogy has been receiving.  My biggest concern was how all the new characters that I introduce in this book would be received.  Thus far, most of the comments at the introduction of a bigger community of people that have given Jeff, Megan, George, and Jason new challenges to face has been positive, which I am thrilled with.

Check out the review here:  http://www.livingdeadmedia.com/zombie-books-and-fiction/208-dark2.html and keep looking for more of my Dark Stories that I will continue to post here on my blog-the new characters found in Into The Dark are now the focus of what will be posted from now on.  So check out the book, and then my Dark Stories page of this blog for more details on characters like Michael, Cindy, Frank, Ben, and the others.

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