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Double Whammy! Check out reviews for both Comes The Dark and Into the Dark on Zombiephiles!

Ursula K Raphael, who has gotten some big props in the zombie community lately for her letter published in Entertainment Weekly championing the cause of small press zombie writers everywhere, has written a dual review of Comes The Dark and Into The Dark over on Zombiephiles website.  So for all of you folks who haven’t gotten either of my books yet, this is a great way to get the full overview of both at the same time.  I am pretty thrilled with the review, especially when her biggest gripe is the fact that both my books were over too damn quickly.  If that is the worst complaint you ever get about your writing, you are doing pretty well!  Seriously though, I am once again humbled by the fact that someone who really loves this genre seems to be really enjoying my books.  There is no better feeling.

So give the review a look see over at Zombiephiles here:  http://www.zombiephiles.com/zombies-ate-my-brains/library-of-the-living-dead-does-it-again-patrick-dorazio

and then go buy both my books, if you haven’t already.  😉

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