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Sonar 4 Landing Dock reviews “Into The Dark”

Another review has been posted on Into the Dark and I have to admit I am pretty pleased by the response of the folks over at Sonar 4 Landing Dock.  My favorite quote from this review has to be this:  “D’Orazio grabs the reader and pulls them into this story with a large violent hook and you’re stuck, but what does happen is you don’t mind being stuck, actually you love it.”

Wow!  That is pretty dang flattering.

Check out the full review here:  http://sonar4landingdockreviews.blogspot.com/2010/12/into-dark-by-patrick-d-orazio-review.html?zx=e2ff0ef7837054b8

and of course, get yourself a copy of Into The Dark and judge for yourself!

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