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Eric S. Brown has a new contest to win one of his books!

Hey folks, just thought I would share something cool with you.  Eric S. Brown, the man behind tons of great zombie books out there is holding a contest in honor of his first release through Simon and Schuster.  It’s a great chance to check out a killer book and win some other really killer books.   Here are the details from the man himself:

Contest rules and prizes: From Eric S Brown

On Dec. 14th, my first ever Simon and Schuster release hits stores everywhere.  All you have to do is take a photo of yourself either buying or have bought War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies in a book store and tag me with it on Facebook anytime from Tuesday Dec. 14th to Friday Dec. 17th.  A random winner who does this will win signed copies of Antiheroes, Martin Kier and the Dead, and Kinberra Down.  For each 100 people who take part, I will be adding prizes.  So tag me on Facebook with a photo of you buying the book and you’re entered to win.

Sounds pretty simple, and a cool way to win some books!

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