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Into The Dark now available on Smashwords!

The paperback version of Into The Dark will be going live in the next day or so, but the Smashwords version of it has been posted already!  And at the low, low cost of just $2.99, it is a great deal for all you e-book fans out there.

As mentioned in the prior post on this blog, there will not be a kindle version of book 2 or 3 by themselves, but due to the unedited version of the entire trilogy being on the kindle for the past few months, we will be re-releasing the entire trilogy on Kindle in March, along with another book-sized volume of short stories related to the world of the Dark Trilogy.

More details to follow on the paperback version of Into The Dark, but for now, here is the link where you can get the electronic version on Smashwords:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/31068

Check it out, and feel free to drop a review on Smashwords or Amazon, your blog, your website, or where ever you like.  I hope you all enjoy the second installment in my trilogy!

You can click on the picture and follow the link to Smashwords as well.  Thanks.


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