Writer of Horror Fiction

NOTLP from Horror Hound-my interview!

Hey folks-check out my interview out from Night of the Living Podcast from Horror Hound.  You should check them out for a lot more-they do a great horror podcast and can be found on Itunes for free downloads.  Their website is http://www.notlp.com and you can go to the episode guide from there.  It is the most recent episode in their episode guide, and is entitled: HHWCincy10.  The Library of the Living Dead has an interview as well, and their interview starts around the seven minute mark.  Mine starts at 15:40 mark.  Check both of them out and do yourself a favor and listen to the whole podcast!  These guys are great and do a terrific job.  In fact, you should do like I did, and subscribe so you can stay up to date with what they are doing.

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