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New Anthology I will be in-Strange Tales of Horror-cover revealed!

I had the privilege of being a part of May December’s first anthology release and I get that same privilege with NorGus, which is releasing Strange Tales of Horror and have revealed a rough of the cover art and the Table of Contents.  My story, “VRZ” is in this book and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  This is a anthology that covers a wide spectrum of strange horror tales and I am looking forward to checking out everyone else’s offerings.

Here is the cover:

Here is the Table of Contents:

Forward by Jeff Angus

Introduction by Matt Nord
Hunger & Hair by Matt Nord
The Leaf People by C.H. Potter
Birthday Boy by Eric Dimbleby
Missionary by Jason Barney
The Scarecrow Man by Daniel P. Coughlin
A Secret Amongst Boys by Mason Ian Bundschuh
Mother by Jessica A. Weiss
Graveyard Queen by Mark Roland Wilson
Sitwat Goes Home by Sarah Islam
The Monster by Crystal Connor
The Devil’s Advocates by C.D. Reimer
Hall of Twelve by Rebecca Besser
Devil’s Playground by Eden Royce
All Your Flesh Are Belong to Us by Jason M. Bloom
The Night Visitor by Lorraine Horrell
Hanging by a Thread by Jeremy Bush
What She Saw by Darren Gallagher
The Pit by Darren Gallagher
Shotgun & Smoke by Ian Sandusky
VRZ by Patrick D’Orazio
The Hunger of Shadows by Robert Freese
The Devil, You Say by Ken Goldman
The Eyes That Watch by A.J. French
Dark Timber by Lee Zumpe
Poem TBA
The Shadow Beast by Anthony Bell
Get the Brick by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Lise by Jan Vander Laenen
Daggoth the Destroyer by John Pennington
Saw-Kill Road by Thomas M. Malafarina
Not sure of the release date yet, but I will keep everyone posted!


One response

  1. Sweeeeeeet! I hadn’t even seen the cover yet!

    Very cool. Looking forward to reading everyone’s stories.


    November 7, 2010 at 1:23 am

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