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Helping out a friend

Not to long ago, fellow writer Jamie Eyberg passed away with his wife in a tragic accident near their family home in Iowa.  Jamie and Ann left behind two young children.  Jamie had been a staple over at The Library of the Living Dead Press message boards, and I had the privilege of appearing with him in The Zombist, an anthology of old west zombie tales.  His works have appeared in several other anthologies from the Library and elsewhere.  It is always heartbreaking when someone’s life gets cut short, but it is a small comfort when we can do something to remember that person, and help those around them who have suffered the greatest by their loss.

Kody Boye, another one of the members of the Library forums, has put together a list of auctions over on ebay whose proceeds will go to benefit the Eyberg children.  One of the auction bundles  has my book, Comes The Dark, in it.  There are several auctions, so I would encourage everyone out there to consider bidding on one of them.  You will get some terrific reading material with any of them you choose, and the proceeds will go to a tremendous cause.

Hit the link here:   http://shop.ebay.com/kboye/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_from&_ipg=25

Please consider bidding.  Thanks!

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