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Review for Tony Scaab’s The G.O.R.E. Score Volume 1

I have written quite a few reviews on Amazon. Most of those reviews have been of zombie related books. I have tried my best to be both detailed and honest, giving the reader an honest overview of the content of a book without (hopefully) giving away too much of the plot or providing spoilers that would take away from their enjoyment of the book. I have done all this because I love the zombie genre and appreciate both the good and the bad when it comes to zombie fiction. Originally, I just started pounding away on my keyboard without any consideration for a larger zombie “community” out there, some of which can be found here on Amazon in the Community section-people who are like minded, sharing their thoughts on books, movies, games, and any other zombie related…stuff. Naive as it may sound, I hadn’t popped around the web looking for websites created for and by people who have this addiction to the rotting buggers. As time went on and I got to know some of the authors and other folks in the community, I started to discover a group of folks who actually have websites dedicated to zombie…stuff, and in particular, reviewing zombie stuff. That is how I stumbled upon Tony Schaab’s website and his very unique and creative scoring system for all things zombie.
Tony has done a bang up job with creating a system (G.O.R.E. stands for General Entertainment, Original Content, Realism, and Effects and editing) that gives you a thoroughly detailed guide when it comes to zombie…stuff.
Now I will admit that I am happy to receive a few favorable votes here on Amazon for my reviews. When I get a comment now and again about someone saying they appreciate my effort to give them a fair overview of a book. So I say this with all sincerity: The GORE Score puts my reviews to shame, hands down. Tony not only gives his opinions, which are based on a strong appreciate of zombie lore, but does his research so that he can provide little tidbits and details on a particular book/movie/etc, that he is reviewing. It’s not only about the score, but about what the product has to offer, and what it will mean to the zombie aficionado. Now understand that his reviews are straight from the perspective of someone who is in love with the undead (and not in pervy sort of way), so while most of the reviews are of zombie-centric products, he does take a swipe at a few things where zombies are not the central figures.
I think the bottom line with any book that claims to be a source for review material of a particular topic is whether or not you find the reviews intriguing enough to take a look at a product you either had no intention of acquiring or gives you some more hesitation on a product that you were certain that you would like, but after reading the review you realize it may have been a waste of money. I think the GORE Score does this quite well, as there are several books, movies and even a piece of music that I am going to be checking out after reading this compilation that would have never crossed my mind before. Tony Schaab is articulate, funny, and gives you the lowdown in an easy to read and understand format. Good stuff for all the zombie lovers out there.

The G.O.R.E. Score Volume 1 can be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/G-O-R-E-Score-Review-Things-Zombie/dp/1453654194/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280107483&sr=1-1

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