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Review for the Orange Bizarro starter kit

You may not like bizarro.  It may not be your cup of tea.  I decided to read the two bizarro starter kits after having read a small dosage of it in a few other forms and wanted to be immersed in it, to really understand what it is all about.  After reading both kits, I have decided that trying to extract a particular logic or style of writing from the various authors who participated in these books is a futile effort.  Bizarro may not make sense on a traditional level of thinking, but I think the main thing is that it makes sense in whatever realm or universe the story that is created inhabits.

I have seen some bizarro that seems to be heavy with symbolism while other tales perhaps don’t have any more depth than a lark the author decided to take off on, but some of it is quite beautiful and obscene at the same time.  I probably haven’t read enough of this style of writing to be an honest judge of it, and haven’t read enough of what influences its authors, which is conveniently posted in the bio of each of them in both of the starter kits, but I know that I can go from enraptured to repulsed within the same tale with more frequency in bizarro than anywhere else.  And I think that is a key element of this type of work-it is something that doesn’t allow you to relax, or rest as you breeze through passages that are interconnected with regular, everyday logic.  Instead, you are forced to remain vigilant, observant of every word, every phrase, because within may lie a totally different experience, a different exposure to something unique and strange.

The Orange Bizarro Starter Kit can be found at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1933929006/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

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